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New CasaTunes Driver for KNX (Version 2)

New Version 2 CasaTunes driver for KNX offers an advanced multi-room audio solution, seamlessly integrating traditional multi-room amplifiers and music servers with KNX systems.

New "Recent Picks" Feature

Provides a quick and easy way to recall and re-select music you previously listened to, whether it was earlier today, yesterday, or even a week ago

Best Practices for CasaTunes Installs

How would you rate your CasaTunes installs? Why not compare your installs against our recommended best practices and see what you and your customers might be missing?

Control4 Driver Refresh

The CasaTunes AV Switch and MSP Proxy drivers for Control4 have been updated to support the latest Control4 OS 3.4.1.

User Profiles

CasaTunes User Profiles provides dealers an easy way to customize the CasaTunesX App User Experience for users. Select from the built-in Admin, User and Guest profiles to expeditiously configure the recommended settings for the different types of users.

Innovative Volume Controls

CasaTunes introduces two innovative volume control features that enhance the user experience: Night Mode and Maximum Turn On Volume

Updated CasaTunes driver for RTI and ID11 Integration

The updated CasaTunes driver for RTI now supports Integration Designer 11 and the Coral theme based Music Player and RTI Music templates

New CasaTunes 2-Way Integration with SONOS

Introducing the CasaTunes 2-way integration with SONOS. Now, enjoy seamless access to your favorite CasaTunes music on all your SONOS speakers and soundbars. Plus, listen to your TV Audio through out your home when using a SONOS soundbar

The CT-12X8MA Matrix Amplifier: A Powerful and Versatile Audio Solution

The CT-12X8MA matrix amplifier, with its impressive specs and ability to distribute sources over a network using a low latency audio-over-IP protocol, offers users a lot of flexibility in designing an audio system.

CasaTunesX Tips

If you're a CasaTunesX user, you might already be familiar with some of the basic ways to control your home audio system through the app. However, did you know that there are some quick shortcuts that can make your experience even smoother and more efficient?

Enhanced Keypad Support for the CT-12X8MA and CT-5X4MA Matrix Amplifiers

CasaTunes has enhanced support for the CT-12X8MA and CT-5X4MA keypads to extend the functionality of the keypad to include the transport control buttons and "Press & Hold" button support.

CasaTunes Smart Tasks

Smart Tasks allows you to simplify and automate your music listening experience. A Smart Task is a task consisting of one or more actions. These actions include playing music, controlling rooms, controlling your music, playing a chime, converting and playing Text-To-Speech, and adding a wait delay or a scheduled delay.

New CasaTunes Plus music servers now shipping!

The new CasaTunes Plus music servers support up to six HD Audio streams, and a plethora of options, including storage, power-over-ethernet (POE), and rack mount options.

New CasaTunesX App now available for Amazon Fire tablets

Great News for Amazon Fire tablet users! The latest CasaTunesX App is now available from the Amazon App Store and is compatible with Amazon Fire 7, HD8 and HD 10 tablets.

Rolling CasaSetup into CasaTunesX

The next version of the CasaTunesX App will integrate all the functionality in CasaSetup, providing a single App for dealers to configure and control CasaTunes

Using a microphone for paging in CasaTunes

The next version of CasaTunes makes using a microphone for paging dead simple. No need for additional equipment and/or connections.

New CasaTunesX App is now available

CasaTunes now offers a unified UI called CasaTunesX. The new UI is available on Android, Apple, and web devices. CasaTunes recommends using this UI to control your multi-room audio system.

Commercial Background Music

SoundMachine brings commercial background music to CasaTunes providing business owners a seamless, engaging, and on-brand music experience in their stores, restaurants, hotels, spas, or other locations. Learn more about integrating SoundMachine with CasaTunes.

New CasaTunes music services are now available

We have added several new popular music services to CasaTunes, including Amazon Music, Napster, Qobuz and many more. Learn how you can listen to these.

CasaTunes "Featured Items"

The June release of Casatunes introduces Featured Items providing quick access to the music you listen to most. You can add all your favorite albums, artists, playlists and radio stations as featured items, as well as setup featured shortcuts and searches. Learn more.

Winner of 3 CEPro 2021 Quest for Quality Kudos Awards

CasaTunes was voted winner in not one, but three 2021 CE Pro Quest for Quality Kudos awards. Thank you dealers for your vote of support! (pun intended).

Understanding the new Mac Music App

With the introduction of MacOS Catalina, Apple replaced the iTunes App with a new Music App and introduced a new music streaming service called Apple Music. So, what happened to my iTunes music and how does the new Mac Music App work with CasaTunes?

Use Siri to control Spotify music on CasaTunes

Apple iOS 14.5 for iPhone and iPad allows you to configure Spotify as your preferred music service to use with Siri. Once configured, you can use Siri to control your music in CasaTunes.

New Spotify Connect

Using Spotify Connect customers get the full Spotify User Interface experience, while being able to listen to their music through their CasaTunes system.

Equalizer presets for the CT-12X8 and CT-5X4 Matrix Amplifiers

Our easy to use equalizer presets are designed to enhance your listening experience depending on the genre of music you are listening to, such as acoustic, pop, rock, etc.

New CasaTunes Product Brochures

We have added two new CasaTunes product brochures, one that covers the CasaTunes music servers and the second that covers the CasaTunes matrix amplifiers.

Interconnect the CT-12X8MA and CT-5X4MA Matrix Amplifiers using Audio over IP

The CasaTunes CT-12X8 and CT-5X4 matrix amplifiers are 2 members of a family of matrix amplifiers that can be used stand alone, or combined, providing a balance of performance, cost and flexibility.

Adding a Subwoofer to the CasaTunes CT-12X8 Matrix Amplifier

In CEPro’s 2020 deep dive research into multi-room audio, dealers reported that 32% of their multi-room audio projects included a dedicated subwoofer, providing homeowners a superior listening experience. Learn how to add a subwoofer to the CasaTunes CT-12X8 Matrix Amplifier.

CasaTunes RTI solution deployed in luxury yacht project

Check out this cool CasaTunes installation implemented by London-based Advanced Integration Ltd on the MY Dragon 37m luxury yacht built by Chantier Naval Couach

The CasaTunes driver for HDL now supports the new HDL Granite Panel

The latest version of the CasaTunes driver for HDL now includes support for the HDL Granite Panel. The HDL Granite versatile control panel allows control of CasaTunes music in up to 8 rooms.

How to hook up a secondary amplifier

The CasaTunes CT-12X8 Matrix Amplifier includes six amplified zones, and two pre-amplified zone outputs. Learn how you can use the CasaTunes CT-250A and CT-2100A stereo amplifiers, which offer 2 x 50W and 2 x100W respectively, to power one or more of these pre-amplified zones using a trigger for optimal reliability and energy conservation.

Optimizing CasaTunes when no Internet is available

While the trend to stream music over the Internet is almost ubiquitous, there are cases when streaming Internet music is not viable. Learn more.

Introducing a new way to notify users of issues

No more popup messages! Learn how the next version of CasaTunes changes the way we notify homeowners when there is an issue.

How to setup a dedicated tablet for a room

Are you looking to use a dedicated wall mounted Android or iOS tablet to control CasaTunes? Learn how you can "lock" down the CasaTunes App so it only controls a specific room, or even a specific room using a specific source.

Simple Doorbell Integration

Learn how to integrate a common doorbell and play a custom chime when someone rings the doorbell.

iOS 13 and Dark Mode

Whether you like the new look, want less brightness at night, or simply want to preserve more battery life, Apple's latest iOS release 13 now sports a new optional dark mode. Best of all, this works great with the latest CasaTunes App for iOS. Learn more how to get your mode.

KNX Support

CasaTunes now supports KNX. Quick Setup. Robust Features. Optimized for the KNX bus. Compatible with all CasaTunes Systems and 3rd party audio distribution systems.

AudioControl Network Amplifiers

CasaTunes now supports the complete line of AudioControl Network Amplifiers, including the Director ‘D’ network DSP amplifiers and ‘M’ Series network DSP matrix amplifiers.

New Video Tutorials

CasaTunes launches new Video Tutorial series. Learn how to use CasaTunes from the experts. Make sure you Sign Up and get notified when a new video is released.

Learn how to Setup SONOS on CasaTunes

The combination of CasaTunes + SONOS offers endless possibilities whether it is upgrading homes with existing multi room audio systems, as a solution for new home installations, or providing a "go to" solution for businesses.

Learning About Sources

While Sources might be confusing at first, once you understand how they work, they allow you to quickly switch the music in a room simply by selecting a different source.

Wake Up to Music

Learn how to wake up and sleep to your favorite tunes. CasaTunes includes a flexible scheduler, allowing you to schedule to play different music in one or more rooms, at different times of the day, and on different days of the week.

CasaTunes Playlists

Learn about playlists in CasaTunes, and about the special CasaTunes Playlists, which can include music from more than one music service, can be scheduled, so you can wake up listening to your favorite tunes, and can be used for radio stations.

Adding PLEX to the mix

Are you looking for an alternative to iTunes to organize, discover and sync your music with the cloud? Then check out Plex. Simply download Plex onto your computer or NAS (Network Attached Storage) device, and let it scan and index all your media, making it look beautiful and intuitively organized in your Plex library, and ready for streaming with CasaTunes.

Streaming your music from Android devices

DoubleTwist a very nice 3rd party App for Android that allows you to stream your music stored on your Android device, or in the cloud (supports Microsoft OneDrive, Google Drive, or Dropbox), to any CasaTunes room using Apple AirPlay.

Quickly share and move music between rooms

Learn how to share the music you are listening to in one room with other rooms, and how to move the music from one room to another, using the Group Rooms feature in CasaTunes.

Dedicating an iPad to control a single room

Sometimes, you just need a very simple to use solution for your customer to control the music in a room. Forget about switching rooms, sources, etc. Dedicating an iPad, and locking down control, is a great way to achieve this.