Introducing a new way to notify users of issues

Written by
David Krinker
March 27, 2020

The next version of CasaTunes improves the way we notify (dealers and) homeowners when there is an issue.

When the alert icon is displayed, opening the menu displays a new "Issues" menu item

Whenever CasaTunes detects an issue, whether it is an audio card setup issue, an issue with the current Internet connection, an issue controlling an audio matrix switch, or even an operational issue with an audio matrix switch (such as the device overheating), CasaTunes will now display an Alert icon (issues notification icon) in the CasaTunes App.

When the issues notification icon is displayed, you can view detailed information about the issues detected.  To view this information, press the tray button to display the menu items, and then press the Issues menu item (which also displays the number of issues detected).

An issue can either be critical (red alert) or a warning (yellow alert).  Critical issues are typically permanent issues which require the dealer to take action to resolve the issue, for example, if an audio matrix switch cannot be controlled either because the switch is not powered on or the communication settings are not valid (wrong IP address).  A warning issue is often a transient problem that may resolve itself with time, for example, when CasaTunes detects intermittent Internet access.

By consolidating and reporting these issues in a consistent way, and providing more detailed information on the issues, we hope dealers will be better able to quickly diagnose and resolve issues. The new issues notification  will be part of the next release of CasaTunes scheduled for April 2020.