How to hook up a secondary amplifier

Written by
David Krinker
August 24, 2020

Use the CasaTunes CT-250A or CT-2100A stereo amplifiers to power the pre-amplified Zone 7 and 8 outputs on the CasaTunes CT-12X8 matrix amplifier, as follows:

How to connect a CasaTune CT-250A or CT-2100A stereo amplifier to the CasaTunes CT-12X8 matrix amplifier
Figure 1: How to connect the CasaTunes CT-250A or CT-2100A Stereo Amplifier to Zone 7 on the CasaTunes CT-12X8 matrix amplifier
  1. Connect the supplied trigger cable. Screw down the ground (black) lead of the trigger cable to the AMP ON 0V terminal, and the +12V lead to either AMP ON 7 or 8, depending on whether you are setting up Zone 7 or Zone 8.
  2. Connect the stereo RCA cables from Zone 7 or Zone 8 Audio Out to the Line In inputs on the amplifier
  3. Make sure the OUTPUT SEL switch is set to the correct load (typically 8 Ohms)
  4. Make sure the POWER switch is set to TRIGGER