Optimizing CasaTunes when no Internet is available

Written by
David Krinker
March 27, 2020

While the trend to stream music over the Internet is almost ubiquitous, there are still cases when streaming Internet music is not viable, either because of the quality and/or cost of streaming music over the Internet, as is the case in some remote areas or, for example, on yachts.

CasaTunes is one of a few music servers capable of playing multi-room music, even when there is no Internet available, thanks to the built-in disc storage included on most CasaTunes music servers, except the CT-2 where it is optional.  In addition, CasaTunes makes it easy for homeowners to sync their personal music on to their music server using QuickSync (My Music).

In the next version of CasaTunes, you can configure CasaTunes to operate either with Internet access (the default configuration) or without Internet access. When Internet access is enabled, CasaTunes monitors your Internet connection for outages.

When CasaTunes detects an Internet outage CasaTunes notifies the homeowner using the latest CasaTunes notification mechanism (covered in this blog).

If you configured CasaTunes to operate with Internet access, or an Internet outage occurs, CasaTunes will automatically disable and hide any music services that require Internet access as well as disable various other system functions, such as Alexa voice control, that rely on an Internet connection, resulting in a smoother operation and UI experience.

Finally, once a temporary Internet outage ends, and CasaTunes is enabled for Internet access, CasaTunes automatically re-enables all the functionality that was disabled when the outage was detected.