CasaTunes Multi-Room Matrix Amplifiers

The CasaTunes Matrix Amplifiers are designed to switch and amplify the music streams from a CasaTunes music server and various components, including TVs, set-top boxes, Google Chromecast, Amazon Echo Link, SONOS Connect/Port, phonographs, and other music components, throughout your home.
You can listen to any input source (stream or music component) in any room or combination of rooms. The built-in hardware audio switch results in perfect synchronization and near-zero latency, ideal for switching TV audio, as well as music.
CasaTunes currently offers two Matrix Amplifiers.  The CasaTunes CT-6X6MA provides an excellent balance of features and value, while the CasaTunes CT-12X8MA matrix amplifier provides the highest audio quality, functionality, and performance.

CasaTunes Keypads for Matrix Amplifiers

The CasaTunes KP2 Keypads are compatible with both the CT-4X4MA and CT-12X8MA Matrix Amplifiers. They can be purchased individually, or as a pack of eight keypads.