Learning About Sources

Written by
David Krinker
October 8, 2018

What are Sources?

A key component of your CasaTunes music system is the matrix amplifier. The purpose of this component is to switch any of the input sources on the matrix amplifier to any combination of outputs, which are then amplified and connected to your speakers.  A Source is simply an abbreviation for an Input Source. The number of input sources available varies depending on the model of matrix amplifier you are using. CasaTunes currently offers 3 different matrix amplifiers, the CT-5X4MA, CT-6X6MA and the CT-12X8MA offering 5, 6, and 12 input sources, respectively.

What do I connect to the Source Inputs?

You can connect many different types of components to your input sources. Typically, we connect the output streams from your CasaTunes music server to the first available input sources. CasaTunes music servers are available with 1, 2, 3, 5, and 8 streams. So, for example, in the case of a CT-2, you would connect the 2 output streams of the music server to the first 2 input sources on the matrix amplifier.  Each output stream or player on your music server can play music from any music service supported by CasaTunes (AirPlay, disc music, Calm Radio, Deezer, SHOUTcast, Spotify, Tidal, TuneIn, etc).

How do I know which source is being used in a room?

In the Now Playing screen for the Apps, the source being used for a room is presented under the room name in the App header.  In this example, the “David’s Player” source is being used to play music in the “Office” and one other room.

CasaTunes Now Playing Screen - Source is listed below the room name
Figure 1: The source currently selected for the current room is displayed in the App header (below the room name)

How do I chose a different source for a room?

There are 2 ways to select a different source for the room.  The first way is to open the Menu (by selecting the reveal menu icon), select the menu option “Select Source”, then select the source to use

How to select a source in CasaTunes using the menus
Step 1: Open Menu | Step 2: Select "Select Source" | Step 3: Pick the source

The second way to select a source is to press on the room name in the App header, then select the “Select Source” option, and finally select the source to use.

How to select a CasaTunes source using the header shortcut
Step 1: Press on the room name | Step 2: Select "Select Source" | Step 3: Pick the source

How about the remaining unused sources?

Any remaining input sources can be used for other audio components.  For example, you could use any of the following types of devices:

  • Google Chromecast Audio
  • Amazon Echo
  • Cable or Satellite set top box Audio Output
  • TV Audio Output
  • SONOS Connect or Port
  • Vinyl player

Just make sure you verify the connector required for your Source is supported by the matrix amplifier. If the connector you need is not supported, you can usually purchase a low cost converter/cable to resolve this.

In addition to physically connecting your source to the matrix amplifier, you will also need to configure these sources using the CasaSetup administration utility.

Although you will not be able to control these sources from your CasaTunes App, you will be able to control the power and volume for the room, including features such as wake up to music.

While Sources might be confusing at first, once you understand how they work, they allow you to quickly switch the music in a room simply by selecting a different source.