Using a microphone for paging in CasaTunes

Written by
David Krinker
August 22, 2022

Recently,  a customer asked us if there was a simple way to use a microphone with CasaTunes to page rooms in a home or business.

While CasaTunes has always supported paging, it requires 1) an external hardware to generate the paging trigger, and 2) either a CasaTunes Trigger card or a Global Caché iTach Flex combined with the Link Relay & Sensor Cable option to react to the external trigger.

When a trigger is detected, CasaTunes saves the current state of the system, powers on all the rooms that are enabled for paging, switches each enabled room to the paging source, and sets the paging volume for each room to its configured level. When the trigger is removed, paging is terminated, and CasaTune restores the state of your system back to how it was prior to the page.

To simplify the solution, the next version of CasaTunes will eliminate the need for special hardware to generate and capture a paging trigger, and instead allow the customer to start and stop a page manually.

Adding a manual trigger option for paging provides CasaTunes customers with a simple, cost effective, yet extremely capable paging solution.