Equalizer presets for the CT-12X8 and CT-5X4 Matrix Amplifiers

Written by
David Krinker
January 12, 2021

The next release of CasaTunes adds various equalizer presets, specifically designed to enhance the listening experience based on the genre of music you are listening to, such as acoustic, pop, rock, etc.

The equalizer presets are available for both the CT-5X4MA and CT-12X8MA matrix amplifiers, and can be configured for each zone. The CT-12X8MA and the CT-5X4MA matrix amplifiers, support a 7-band and 4-band parametric equalizer, respectively.  The equalizer settings are in addition to the bass and treble settings available.

Selecting an equalizer preset is easy.  For example, in the CasaTunes iOS App:

  1. Select the volume button, which brings up the volume settings for the room
  2. In the volume settings select the EQ Preset option
  3. Select the desired EQ Preset from the list of available presets