New CasaTunesX App is now available

Written by
David Krinker
April 27, 2022

CasaTunes now offers a unified UI called CasaTunesX. The new UI is available on Android, Apple, and web devices. CasaTunes recommends using this UI to control your multi-room audio system.

The new CasaTunesX UI provides a consistent user experience across all platforms, making it easy for consumers to manage their music throughout the home.

The new CasaTunesX UI is based on Flutter, Google's open source mobile development framework. Flutter allows CasaTunes to develop a single app that runs on Android, iOS and the web. This speeds development time and simplifies support - there is only one app to maintain rather than separate apps for each platform.

While the existing CasaTunes Apps will continue to be available in their respective stores, the company is focusing it's development exclusively on the new CasaTunesX App.

Download the new CasaTunesX app from the Apple and Android stores today!