AudioControl Network Amplifiers

Written by
David Krinker
July 25, 2019

CasaTunes now supports the complete line of AudioControl Network Amplifiers, including the Director ‘D’ network DSP amplifiers and ‘M’ Series network DSP matrix amplifiers, including the D2800, D4600, M4800, M4840, M6400 and M6800 models.

For larger projects, you can connect up to 6 network amplifiers (of the same model) to each CasaTunes music server, providing support for installations with up to 48 zones or rooms.

AudioControl provides state-of-the-art network amplifiers.  These network controlled amplifiers offer higher power amplification (typically 100W per channel into 8 ohms), advanced DSP for installers to customize the sound experience on a room-by-room basis (including the use of Speaker Profiles, which provide optimal settings for vendor specific speakers), and system monitoring ensuring optimal and safe performance of your audio equipment.

CasaTunes is the only vendor to offer a stand alone music server with whole house control and intelligent support for AudioControl network amplifiers, eliminating the purchase, configuration and maintenance of a whole house automation and control system for audio-only installations.

CasaTunes 2, 3, and 5 stream music servers are the perfect companion product for AudioControl’s line of  network amplifiers. Offering AudioControl specific features such as easy selection of AudioControl parametric and graphic equalization presets for a room, and system and zone monitoring with configurable notifications.

CasaTunes monitors AudioControl systems for AC line voltage fluctuations, thermal overheating of the system and zones, zone short circuits, clipping, ultrasonic and DC offset.  You can configure CasaTunes to send App notifications to end users, to notify dealers via email, or both.

Best of all, you get all the great features of the CasaTunes music server, including intelligent matrix amplifier control, native apps for Android and iOS smartphones and tablets, voice control, Airplay support, premium Internet radio and music services, built-in disc for personal music collections, AV receiver integration, room grouping, waking and sleeping to music, and much more.

In addition, CasaTunes provides seamless support and integration with SONOS.  This allows customers to use SONOS as a music source and as speakers, for example, you can use a wireless SONOS speaker in a location that was not previously wired.  Using the CasaTunes App you can seamlessly control SONOS, AudioControl and CasaTunes.  You can connect one or more SONOS Connect devices as input sources to an AudioControl network amplifier, and CasaTunes will automatically discover and configure any SONOS speakers as additional rooms in your home.

In addition to residential solutions, the combination of SONOS, AudioControl and CasaTunes creates many possible solutions for commercial installations.