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Please update to the latest version of CasaTunes to continue listening to Pandora and other music services that were available using the SqueezeBox plugin

Design the perfect multiroom audio system

With CasaTunes, you can pick and choose from our flexible line of music servers and matrix amplifiers to create the perfect multiroom audio solution for your customers, whether looking for an entry, value, or high performance solution.

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Create simplified custom interfaces for your music projects with CasaTunes Smart Tasks

Create beautifully simple, custom interfaces

With CasaTunes Smart Tasks, you can create a custom interface that is as simple to operate, as it is beautiful.

CasaTunes Smart Tasks simplifies the user interface for businesses, rental properties, guests, and novice users, allowing them easy control of their music.

Learn more about CasaTunes Smart Tasks >Preview CasaTunes Smart Tasks in action >Watch how we built this Music Interface >


CasaTunes offers music for both residential and commercial installations.

Stream your favorite tunes from select Internet Music service providers, or listen to your own personally curated music collection.

Every CasaTunes music server* includes enough disc storage for the most serious music collection. You can copy your music to your CasaTunes music server or let CasaTunes play it from a networked device.

Plus, for seamless listening, every room is avaiable as an Apple AirPlay and Spotify Connect speaker.

*Optional on CasaTunes CT-Plus music servers
Purchase your CasaTunes Music Services Add-On Upgrade
(only required for systems purchased before 1/1/2021)
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Flexible Control Options

Control CasaTunes with your voice, using our native Apps for Android, Amazon Fire and iOS tablets and phones, from your desktop or laptop using the CasaTunes HTML5 browser App, using the CasaTunes keypads, or using any of the various home automation and control system panels CasaTunes supports.

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AV Receivers
Audio Distribution Systems
Automation Systems

Seamless Integration

Your CasaTunes music server is designed to work with, and seamlessly integrate with, other audio components and systems in your home, such as AV Receivers, third party Audio Distributions systems (matrix amplifiers), SONOS, home automation and control systems.

CasaTunes ships with out-of-the-box support for several popular home automation and control systems, including Control4, HDL, KNX, Nice (ELAN), RTI, and provides an open RESTful API for custom integrations.

One music server for all your jobs

All CasaTunes music servers work the same way, so you only need to learn them once.

Best of all, CasaTunes music servers work with all CasaTunes matrix amplifiers and over 60 matrix amplifiers and audio distribution systems from other vendors, such as Audio Authority, AudioControl, Anthem, Dayton Audio, Leviton/HAI, Martin Logan, Monoprice, Legrand/Nuvo, Russound, RTI, SpeakerCraft, Vanco PulseAudio, and more.

Use our CasaTunes music servers everywhere, whether it is a new install or to upgrade an existing multi-room audio system.

Check out the new CasaTunes Plus music server with up to six High Definition audio streams1 and optional storage, POE module and Rack Mount kit.

1The number of streams available can be upgraded in the field

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Did you Know?

"During the pandemic, we successfully resolved most customer issues remotely, significantly reducing the need for dealers to make on-site visits.

This service was so popular with dealers, we decided to continue offering it for its efficiency, convenience and quick resolution of customer issues"
Wade Riewerts, VP Support & Operations, CasaTunes
CasaTunes winner of the CE Pro 2021 Kudos Award for Best COVID-19 Response
CasaTunes winner of the CE Pro 2021 Kudos Award for Best Customer Service
CasaTunes winner of the CE Pro 2021 Kudos Award for Best Technical Support

CasaTunes offers flexible multi stream music servers with intelligent multi room audio system control and multi room audio amplifiers for homes and businesses.

CasaTunes products are available through a network of Authorized Dealers.

Don't Replace your Existing Multi Room Audio System

REINVIGORATE it with CasaTunes intelligent Music Servers

Music servers available with 2, 3 or 5 streams

With intelligent Multi Room Audio Distribution System control

Beautiful CasaTunes Apps for Android and iOS

For phones and tablets

Control CasaTunes using your voice

Alexa, ask CasaTunes to play songs by artist John Mayer

Simplify audio control with Lutron and CasaTunes

Use your Lutron RadioRA 2 and Homeworks Audio Wireless PICO controllers to control CasaTunes

CasaTunes + SONOS integration

All the CasaTunes and SONOS functionality you love, seamlessly integrated

Simply add one or more SONOS Connect devices and speakers to your CasaTunes system


An affordable solution that scales. Combine the robustness of SONOS music with the scalability of CasaTunes systems and save over 50% vs comparable systems.


Retrofit existing systems. Upgrade your customers legacy multi-room audio system into the 21st century.


Expand your multi-room audio system by adding SONOS speakers. CasaTunes seamlessly combines your SONOS speakers with your existing multi-room audio system.

For Business

Perfect for small business. CasaTunes + SONOS Connect is the perfect music solution for small businesses, retail stores, restaurants, medical and dental offices, hospitality, and more.


SONOS integration is built-in to all CasaTunes music servers and systems.

Free upgrade for existing CasaTunes systems.

Congratulations CasaTunes on receiving the CE Pro 2018 Quest for Quality Award

The CE Pro Quest for Quality Awards recognizes suppliers that provide outstanding customer service, tech support, sales, marketing assistance and more. The companies receiving this recognition were named by CE Pro readers.
Thanks to all our fans!

I can't say enough good things about the CasaTunes technical support. In today's world where many companies no longer even provide a number for phone support, CasaTunes has always had prompt and efficient service by phone or email. We have had to call on them 3 times in the past 5 years (not because of a faulty product - it works great. Simply some technical things we wanted configured which we were not able to do on our own). Each time their team has been patient, courteous and extremely knowledgeable. They easily remotely patch in and get everything set up exactly as you want. I find that many companies have lost the art of good customer service and I can easily say that the experiences we have had with CasaTunes have been the best customer service experiences we have had with ANY company in ANY industry. Thank you!!

Scott Moon, Homeowner
Montreal, CA

Audio Houston has been using CasaTunes streamers for about 5 years. During this time, we have tried other brands, all of which fell short of what CasaTunes brings to the table. Some of the biggest advantages are AirPlay, (Russound) distributed audio amp integration, and full control of 3rd party devices plugged into our amps. We have not found a better system, especially at this price point. Top this off with the "best customer service"; this is a great product. Great Job CasaTunes! Keep up the great work!

Audio Houston LLC
Houston, TX

CasaTunes is simply the best whole house high quality audio system. We have 8 direct attached rooms and 2 AirPlay rooms. Two are home theater rooms fully integrated with CasaTunes. We control it with any and all of Lutron Pico Remotes (one in each room, a fixed iPad, our iPhones and Alexa). We use a variety of music sources and everyone in the family has their own channel (or two) they created! The CasaTunes support team is second to none. It is the next thing beyond Sonos for sure.

Scott Leslie
Irvine, CA

It has been like a dream come true. We installed 30 in-ceiling speakers throughout the house, even in the bathrooms. We can listen to music directly from our iOS devices, picking what room we want, or use the combined zones such as the entire 1st or 2nd floor, Master Bedroom/Ensuite. CasaTunes iOS app is great to use and the system makes using our phones or tablets just as easy. Thanks to CasaTunes, I can wake up to my favourite internet based radio station, or any other station. I never get tired of hearing my wife say that the CasaTunes system is her favourite part of the whole house. It always gives me great pleasure to talk about your products to everyone I know. I'm sure we will be referring customers for many years to come!

George Karam, Homeowner
Ottawa, CA
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