New "Recent Picks" Feature

Written by
David Krinker
June 13, 2024

CasaTunes is excited to announce the release of a new feature: Recent Picks. This feature allows users to easily recall and re-select music they previously enjoyed, whether it was earlier today, yesterday, or even a week ago.

With Recent Picks, users can view their recently selected tracks, albums, playlists, and stations. Each CasaTunes media player source tracks its own Recent Picks, ensuring that each family member with a dedicated media player source can access a personalized list of their recent music choices.

Recent Picks are conveniently displayed in a horizontal scroll list, organized with the most recent selections first, making it easy to find and replay your favorite tunes.

Recent Picks support is available in the latest CasaTunes release (v5.00.240610) and CasaTunesX App (v1.62)