Control4 Driver Refresh

Written by
David Krinker
January 31, 2024

The CasaTunes AV Switch and MSP Proxy drivers for Control4 have been updated to support Control4 OS 3.4.1.

This update includes miscellaneous bug fixes and adds programmable support for playing CasaTunes Featured Items and running CasaTunes Smart Tasks, in addition to CasaTunes playlists.

CasaTunes Smart Tasks, which allows you to automate control of your music system, can be run in response to real time events, such as security events. You can use CasaTunes Smart Tasks to play custom text messages and  chimes anywhere in the home.

A Smart Task is a task that contains one or more actions.  Actions include; playing music, controlling rooms, controlling music, playing chimes, converting text messages into playable audio, and adding a timed or scheduled delay.  Using these basic building blocks, one can construct some very sophisticated tasks.

Only non-interactive CasaTunes Smart Tasks can be run.