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About ELAN

ELAN is a leader in smart home automation and control.  Offering Intelligent Touch Panels and voice control through Amazon Alexa it’s easier than ever to connect your living room and all other rooms in your home into a truly intelligent home.

Enjoy more entertainment options, simplify routine tasks, and make better use of your resources to enhance your home experience with a sophisticated yet easy-to-use ELAN home automation system.

CasaTunes brings advanced multi-room audio solutions to ELAN Home Systems

Introducing CasaTunes multi-room audio for ELAN Home Systems

CasaTunes supports the latest ELAN driver technology to bring its advanced multi-room audio solutions to ELAN Home Systems.

Now dealers can offer customers all the great CasaTunes and ELAN capabilities, including:

One Step Setup

The CasaTunes System Discovery driver is the only driver you  need.

After installing and setting up your CasaTunes system, simply install the CasaTunes System Discovery driver.  The driver automatically discovers your CasaTunes system, then automatically installs the CasaTunes Zone Controller driver and configures all your rooms, room groups and sources.  The driver will also install a CasaTunes Media Renderer driver for each CasaTunes Media Player source and automatically binds the media renderer to the configured zone controller source input.

All Matrix Amplifiers

The CasaTunes Zone Controller driver works with all CasaTunes and CasaTunes supported third party matrix amplifiers and audio distribution systems.

CasaTunes supports over 60 different systems, including Acurus, Anthem, AudioControl, Audio Authority, Axium, CasaTunes, Dayton Audio, HTD, Leviton/HAI, Monoprice, Nuvo/Legrand, RTI, Russound, SpeakerCraft and Vanco systems.

Unlimited Music

CasaTunes offers a wide variety of different music types, including disc and networked music, Internet radio, Internet music services, AirPlay and Spotify Connect.

Flexible Control

You can use either your ELAN panels and Apps and/or your CasaTunes Apps to control the music in your home.

Use your preferred control devices to view your music metadata, browse and search for music (including Spotify), view and manage your music queue, control music playback, and control where the music is played throughout your home.


With full integration for ELAN’s favorites, users can save the music they listen to most frequently as favorites, including stations and playlists, and once saved, can quickly select to listen to these.

Advanced Integration

CasaTunes exposes much of it’s functionality via a robust set of ELAN Events and Universal Functions, allowing integrators to automate repetitive tasks, schedule and trigger activities.

Built-in support for CasaTunes' custom chimes and text-to-speech messages provide integrators with interesting smart home integration possibilities.

ELAN Cloud

By leveraging ELAN's cloud service, CasaTunes keeps you informed on the health of your system, so you can proactively manage your customers music.

CasaTunes built-in monitoring of your music system, includes monitoring for communications, hardware and overall operational issues with your music system.

By combining remote notifications with our remote access to  CasaTunes music servers, dealers can minimize unnecessary truck rolls, and ensure your customers music is always available.

More Information

To learn more about CasaTunes support for ELAN check out the CasaTunes for ELAN Home Systems Integration Note

ELAN Integration NoteCasaTunes Smart Tasks, TTS and Chimes for ELANDownload CasaTunes Driver for ELAN

Driver Version: 1.2.230721.1