Enhanced Keypad Support for the CT-12X8MA and CT-5X4MA Matrix Amplifiers

Written by
David Krinker
April 6, 2023

CasaTunes is pleased to announce an update to their support for the CasaTunes CT-KP2 keypads. These keypads are compatible with the CasaTunes CT-5X4MA and CT-12X8MA matrix amplifiers and offer a variety of control options for users.

In addition to the standard functionality of turning a room on or off, changing the audio source, muting, and adjusting volume, the updated keypads now include support for the transport control buttons. These buttons allow users to pause/play audio and skip to the next track, providing more control options and convenience.

The new update also includes extended functionality for certain buttons. For example, pressing and holding the power button turns off audio in all rooms, while holding the skip to next track button skips to the previous track. Additionally, users can now press and hold the next or previous source buttons to play the next or previous CasaTunes playlist, respectively.

Another exciting feature of these CasaTunes keypads is the ability to customize the assignment of zones to different keypad ports. By default, the first port on the amplifier is assigned to the first configured zone for the amplifier, the second keypad port to the second zone, and so on, but users can customize their setup to their liking, including assigning any zone to any keypad port, or even to multiple keypad ports in order to be able to control a large zone from multiple control points. You can connect up to 2 and 8 keypads to each CT-5X4MA and CT-12X8MA matrix amplifiers, respectively.

These updates demonstrate CasaTunes' commitment to improving and expanding their system's capabilities. With enhanced control options and the ability to customize the setup to individual preferences, the CasaTunes audio distribution system is a top choice for those looking for a reliable and versatile solution.

Support for this extended functionality will be available in the next CasaTunes release and requires firmware version 4.2.4 or later to be installed on the matrix amplifiers.

Summary of keypad button functionality

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