CasaTunes Music Systems
CasaTunes Music Systems for 3rd party matrix amplifiers
CasaTunes Music Systems for Leviton HiFi2 distribution system
CasaTunes Music Streamers
Hardware Matrix Compatibility
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AV Receivers & Control Modules
Using URL Schemes
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How to setup SONOS on CasaTunes

Learn how to physically connect a SONOS Connect to your CasaTunes or 3rd party matrix amplifier, and how to configure the SONOS source using CasaSetup.

CasaTunes App for iOS

Learn the basics of the CasaTunes App for iOS. Learn how the App is organized and the basics of turning rooms on and off, changing the volume, and how to show and hide the menu.

Learn how to change the current in the App, change the source selected for the current room, and how to control where the music plays in your home using the Group Rooms option.

Learn how to select and search for music using the CasaTunes Apps

Learn how to create, rename, delete and edit CasaTunes Playlists. Playlists can contain songs, albums, other playlists or radio stations. You can save Playlists as Favorites for quick selection, and you can schedule to listen to your Playlists.

CasaTunes Overview
CasaTunes Overview
CasaTunes AirPlay Overview
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How to use SqueezeBox with CasaTunes
How to use the CasaTunes iOS App
How to select music using the CasaTunes iOS App
How to create and manage CasaTunes playlists using the CasaTunes Android App
How to select music using the CasaTunes Android App
How to use the CasaTunes Android App
How to integrate CasaTunes with Roomie (SimpleControl)
How to integrate CasaTunes with OnControl
How to setup CasaTunes with Control4
How to control CasaTunes from Control4
How to seamless integrate your AV Receiver with CasaTunes
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