CasaTunes and HDL

Established in 1985, HDL is a global company that manufactures customized building automation products, and professional stage lighting equipment. HDL products and solutions promote energy-savings, centralized control, comfort, convenience, and added security to customers across the globe.

HDL and CasaTunes have partnered to provide customers the best multi-room audio and automation solution.

“Music forms the soundtrack to our lives. With HDL and CasaTunes, homeowners can completely incorporate any soundtrack into their home,” said James Zeng, Vice President, HDL. “The integration of CasaTunes with HDL Automation lets our dealers and distributors have a great whole house audio option to offer their clients with an enhanced interactive user experience.”

All CasaTunes CT Systems, as well as third party audio distribution systems supported by CasaTunes are supported, including systems from Audio Authority, ChannelVision, HAI/Leviton, Nuvo, Russound, RTI, and SpeakerCraft.

Why CasaTunes?

Advanced music options

CasaTunes brings many new exciting capabilities to HDL Automation installations, including:

  • Endless music
  • Seamless integration with HDL BusPro DLP display panels (HDL-MPL8.48) and Enviro muti-function touch LCD panels (HDL-MPTLC43.46) - for both room and music control
  • Automated control of your CasaTunes music server using HDL BusPro Universal Switch commands
  • Stream any music App from one or more iOS devices
  • Play different music in each room
  • Store your music collection on your music server
  • Wakeup and sleep to music

Seamless Integration

Simplified One-Click Setup

HDL has added CasaTunes support to their BusPro HDL-MPL8.48 display panel and Enviro muti-function touch LCD panel (HDL-MPTLC43.46), providing complete control of your CasaTunes music server rooms using these panels, including selecting the room to be controlled by the panel, powering the selected room on and off, changing the source for the room, changing the volume for the room, and changing the tone settings for the room.

In addition to room control, you can use these panels to control the music, including toggling between playing and pausing the music, skipping to the next or previous tracks, selecting to play the next or previous CasaTunes playlist, or selecting a specific CasaTunes playlist.

Setting up the CasaTunes Driver for HDL requires checking a simple checkbox in CasaSetup.

The current solution supports up to 24 rooms and 9 sources, meeting the requirements of the most demanding projects.

For more technical information on how to integrate CasaTunes with HDL, please check out the following CasaTunes and HDL Automation Integration Tech Note

CasaTunes Apps

Advanced control

You can use the beautiful CasaTunes Apps for Android and iOS, in addition to the HDL BusPro DLP and Enviro Panels to control your whole house CasaTunes music system in an HDL installation.