Commercial Background Music

Written by
David Krinker
November 4, 2021

Playing background music in a commercial establishment, whether a restaurant, hotel, office, gym, spa, school, retail store, bar, etc. requires an appropriate Public Performance Rights music license.  Failure to acquire these licenses (which are enforced by various performing rights organizations) can be costly.  Unfortunately, navigating the various organizations that provide these licenses, and obtaining these licenses, can be extremely time consuming, confusing and difficult.

The good news is you don’t have to, because SoundMachine, a commercially licensed music service has partnered with CasaTunes, and they have done the heavy lifting for you!

SoundMachine brings commercial background music to CasaTunes providing business owners a seamless, engaging, and on-brand music experience in their stores, restaurants, hotels, spas, or other locations.

SoundMachine provides over 350+ curated stations that include a wide variety of different genres to select from, as well as the ability to fine tune the mellow-ness or upbeat-ness of the selected station.

If you prefer, you can create your own station, by importing your playlists (see footnote 1 below) from another music service, such as Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music and others.  SoundMachine uses Soundiiz to import playlists from other music services, and since SoundMachine is powered by Napster, you have access to millions of songs.  

For even more music customization, you can combine stations to create your own mixes.  You can specify the “weight” or “how much” each station should contribute to your customized mix.

Once you have determined the music to listen to, you can use the built-in SoundMachine scheduler to schedule when to play the music.

The cherry on top is SoundMachine’s support for program messages.  With SoundMachine, you can record and incorporate your own promotional messages to be played either at scheduled times or after so many songs.

Selecting stations, importing playlists, creating mixes, promotional messages, and scheduling music can all be accomplished via the SoundMachine website, and allows the option for your customers to have control over their music, should this be desirable.

For customers with multiple locations, SoundMachine makes implementing a consistent listening experience across all locations a breeze.  Each location will, however, require its own SoundMachine license.

Finally, as an added bonus, SoundMachine offers integrators recurring income opportunities as part of an incentive program.

Basic Setup

To setup your CasaTunes music server to play SoundMachine music, follow these steps:

  1. Setup your SoundMachine account, using our partner link below:

  2. Select stations, and/or create your custom playlists, mixes, promotional messages, and schedule these on the SoundMachine website
  3. Using CasaSetup or the CasaTunes Apps, add the SoundMachine music service (and login using your SoundMachine credentials)
  4. Select the CasaTunes room and source to use with SoundMachine
  5. Navigate into the SoundMachine music service, select Schedules and create the schedule to listen to.  SoundMachine automatically starts playing your selected music according to the schedule you configured
  6. During periods when no music is scheduled to play, CasaTunes plays silent music until the next scheduled time

When using a CasaTunes music server with SoundMachine you can play different music in different areas within the same location, by selecting a different schedule for a different zone using a different stream.

Advanced Setup (recommended)

To make the implementation more reliable (and more energy efficient), we recommend you configure one or more CasaTunes alarms to turn the room(s) on at the scheduled times, and select the source and music to play.

Prior to configuring an alarm, we need to tag the SoundMachine mix you plan to listen to as a featured or starred item using the CasaTunes Apps (in order for the music to be available as a selection option when configuring the CasaTunes alarm).

Next, configure one or more CasaTunes alarms to start when the SoundMachine schedule starts and end when the SoundMachine schedule ends.

When creating the CasaTunes alarm, make sure you select the specific source to use (we recommend dedicating a source for SoundMachine) and then select the starred/featured SoundMachine mix as the music to play.

By following this approach, we ensure the zones are powered off when no music is playing, and ensure your music is properly set up each time the CasaTunes alarm is triggered.

To view how to setup SoundMachine and CasaTunes, check out the following video

Hands-on, Interactive Control

If your customer is looking for a more hands on, interactive experience, they can always use SoundMachine as just another music service, and use the CasaTunes Apps to browse and listen to curated stations, your custom stations, stations by genres, mixes and schedules.


Our partnership with SoundMachine creates new revenue opportunities for CasaTunes integrators and provides business owners a seamless, engaging, and on-brand music experience for their stores, restaurants, hotels, spas, or other locations.

Whether implementing a new system or retrofitting an existing system, CasaTunes music servers, with support for over 60+ CasaTunes and other third party audio distribution systems, makes CasaTunes the ideal solution for new and retrofit solutions.

Plus, with CasaTunes’ built-in monitoring, notifications, remote access, and the #1 dealer-rated support team, you can proactively manage your customers' music, and minimize unnecessary truck rolls.

  1. Due to licensing requirements, there are some limitations when importing playlists.  To learn more about these, please refer to the following SoundMachine article.