CasaTunes and Control4

The music server for your Control4 installations

As a CasaTunes and Control4 dealer you may have wondered why there isn't a music system with all the capabilities of CasaTunes available for Control4. Well happily, the wait is finally over.

CasaTunes supports Control4 OS versions 2.7 thru 3.4.1 and the new Control4 Media Service Proxy (MSP) providing an enhanced end user experience.

The CasaTunes drivers for Control4 support all existing CasaTunes Hardware Matrix Music Systems, CasaTunes Software Matrix Music Systems, CasaTunes XLi and XLe, and third party AV matrix switches, such as those from Audio Authority, ChannelVision, Leviton, Nuvo, RTI, Russound and SpeakerCraft.

Our Control4 drivers are also designed to work with CasaTunes Music Streamers, which can be used with most AV Switches supported by Control4. This allows you to upgrade existing Control4 installations with the robust capabilities of our CasaTunes music servers. For example, you can use our CT Music Streamers with Control4's family of AV Zone Matrix Amplifiers.

Why CasaTunes?

Endless music. Seamless AirPlay integration. Expandability.

CasaTunes brings many new exciting capabilities to Control4 installations, including:

  • Endless music
  • Stream any music App from one or more iOS devices
  • Play different music in each room
  • Store your music collection on your music server
  • Expand your existing multi-room system to support more rooms
  • Supports all your existing Control4 control devices
  • Wakeup and sleep to music
  • Run CasaTunes Smart Tasks from Control4 to automate your music listening, includes playing chimes, text-to-speech, and much more

With CasaTunes, in addition to listening to your disc based music, you can select from a wide variety of different music services, including Airable Radio and Podcasts, Amazon Music, Calm Radio, Deezer, Qobuz, Napster, SHOUTcast, Spotify, Tidal, TuneIn and more.

Using our CasaTunes Air technology you can seamlessly stream music from any music App on one or more iOS devices to one or more rooms. CasaTunes publishes each room as an AirPlay speaker, allowing homeowners to seamlessly stream music to these rooms, as if they were any other AirPlay speaker.

Each CasaTunes music server optionally includes a large disc for storing your music. Customers can copy their entire music collection onto their CasaTunes music server, ensuring their music is always available when they want it.

You can use all your existing Control4 touch panels, remotes, browser and Control4 Apps to control your CasaTunes music system, and you can use the native CasaTunesX apps for Amazon, Android, Apple and any HTML5 browser.

CasaTunes as a Streamer

Add a streamer for existing Control4 supported AV Switches

You can configure and use the CasaTunes Music Streamer as a streamer for use with third party AV Switches supported by Control4.

The CasaTunes streamer is the ideal option for retrofit installations where the customer has already installed a multi-room audio solution but would like to add the advanced streaming capabilities of the CasaTunes music server.

Simplified Setup

CasaTunes includes built-in support for Control4 SDDP

Control4's Simple Device Discovery Protocol (SDDP) simplifies the discovery and automates the configuration of the discovered CasaTunes components.

For more detailed information on how to setup CasaTunes and Control4, click here