Playing your music collections

Let’s face it. Not everyone is organized when it comes to managing their music. Often, music is found scattered across multiple PCs, Macs and even various network storage devices.

CasaTunes QuickSync is designed to bring order to this chaos. QuickSync quickly discovers all your music, wherever it is located, catalogs it, and optionally copies your music to the CasaTunes music server, allowing you to easily browse, search, select and listen to your music.

Once your music has been discovered, you can browse your music collection for each PC, Mac or storage device, or you can view all your music collections combined into a single aggregated view.

To learn more about how to setup CasaTunes QuickSync please refer to the CasaTunes Tech Note How to setup CasaTunes QuickSync and also check out the  CasaTunes QuickSync FAQs.

To copy, or not to copy?

Flexible sync options

CasaTunes QuickSync is designed to be flexible. You can copy music from multiple PCs and Macs to your music server. You can remotely play all the music located on a PC, Mac, or centralized networked storage device. Or, you can copy music from some computers and storage devices, and not others. You decide.

You can use CasaTunes QuickSync with large music collections, including those with 100,000 tracks.

Your copied music is a bit-for-bit replica of the original music. No additional compression. No music transcoding.

The main advantage of copying your music is you don’t need to leave your PCs or Macs powered on when playing your music.

QuickSync is, well, quick

Listen to your music in minutes

To start listening to your music as quickly as possible, CasaTunes QuickSync quickly discovers and indexes your music. As soon as the indexing phase is complete, you can play all your music, even while CasaTunes is copying your music in the background.

Both indexing and copying can be interrupted at any time, and is automatically resumed when QuickSync detects your PC, Mac or storage device is back online.

QuickSync automatically re-indexes your music once a day, and you can manually update the catalog for your music collection, at any time, using the CasaTunes Android and iOS Apps

Use the Recently Added view to quickly discover all songs added to your music collection in the last 30 days.

You can browse your collection by albums, artists, genres and playlists, or use the Folders view, which allows you to navigate your music as it is organized on the hard disc