CasaTunes and RTI

RTI, Remote Technologies Incorporated, manufactures remote control systems and interface devices for complete home control.

Interface products include handheld remote controls, wall mounted panels and “RTIPanel” apps for Android and iOS devices, all of which control home electronics products directly, using IR, or via controller processors, using IR, Zigbee or the LAN.

CasaTunes RTI Support

CasaTunes' 2-way driver for RTI offers dealers a most flexible and advanced music integration option for RTI automation

RTI ID 11 Support - Allows dealers to quickly add CasaTunes music to their ID 11 projects (see Next Steps  below), and/or create a customized UI experience for customers.

Value Added CasaTunes Features - CasaTunes solutions for RTI offers dealers many advanced capabilities, including; multi-stream HD Audio music servers, persistent room groups, custom doorbell chimes, text-to-speech notifications, support for both native CasaTunes Apps and RTI UI's, monitoring the health of your audio distrubition systems, remote support, and much more.

Built-in Apple AirPlay and Spotify Connect support. When configured as a CasaTunes system, customers can stream their music via AirPlay or play music from their Spotify App using Spotify Connect to CasaTunes rooms.

CasaTunes Events. A rich set of driver generated events enable powerful integrations with other system components, allowing dealers to offer innovative, advanced integrations for clients.

Native support for RTI Audio Distribution systems

CasaTunes Music Servers can "natively" control one or more RTI Audio Distribution Systems

Whether you want to use CasaTunes in a complete RTI controlled environment or standalone (with no RTI controllers), you can still use the  RTI Audio Distribution Systems (AD-4, AD-4x, AD-8, AD-8x, AD-16X) with any CasaTunes music server. Up to 8 RTI Audio Distribution Systems can be connected at one time.

CasaTunes can control the RTI audio distribution systems using either RS-232 (serial) or IP (if the system supports it).

When used with an RTI Controller, the dealer simply installs the CasaTunes driver and lets CasaTunes control the Audio Distribution System, saving programming time and complexity. The CasaTunes Music Streamer combined with an RTI Audio Distribution System behaves like any other CasaTunes music system.

Plus, when you configure the CasaTunes driver to control your RTI Audio Distribution Systems, you can use both the native CasaTunesX Apps, and your RTI panels and Apps, to control your CasaTunes music, providing customers more control options.

Next Steps

You can download the latest CasaTunes driver for RTI Integration Designer 11 from our downloads page. The downloaded .zip file includes the CasaTunes RTI driver, and two PDF documents. One document describes how to use the music player template (CasaTunes recommended) that is included with the Coral theme, and the second document describes how to use the RTI music template that is also included with the Coral theme.

Download the latest CasaTunes driver for RTI

To view a video tutorial on how to integrate CasaTunes with RTI Integration Designer 11 and use the music player template included with the Coral theme, select the link below:

Watch how to integrate CasaTunes with RTI ID 11