New Spotify Connect

Written by
David Krinker
February 1, 2021

The next version of CasaTunes adds support for Spotify Connect.

With Spotify Connect, customers can use their existing Spotify Apps, running on Android, iOS and desktop devices to browse, search and select their music, then select the Spotify Connect speaker (room) where they want to listen to their music.  Using Spotify Connect customers get the full Spotify UI experience, while being able to listen to their music through their CasaTunes system.

CasaTunes automatically creates a Spotify Connect speaker for each room and room group, similar to AirPlay.

You can also use the CasaTunes App to view the music playing on Spotify.

CasaTunes App displaying what's playing in Spotify
CasaTunes App displaying what's playing in Spotify

From the CasaTunes App you can open the Spotify App (and from the Spotify App you can switch back to the CasaTunes App), control playback of your Spotify music, view which Spotify account you are using, and quickly search, view the current album or artist, and select more music like the current track.

Migrating your current Spotify accounts

With the migration to Spotify Connect, we are also introducing a new CasaTunes Spotify Browser service, which supports browsing, searching and selecting your Spotify Connect music using the CasaTunes App and 3rd party home automation and control system drivers supported by CasaTunes, like Control4, RTI and URC.

When you install the version of CasaTunes with SpotifyConnect support, CasaTunes will automatically migrate your Spotify accounts by adding a Spotify Browser service for each existing Spotify account you previously configured in CasaTunes.

Drivers for Control4, RTI and URC, will continue to work as before without modification.

NOTE: After upgrading to a release that includes SpotifyConnect, you may be required to re-authorize your Spotify accounts in CasaTunes due to a change in the permissions required.