New CasaTunes 2-Way Integration with SONOS

Written by
David Krinker
August 10, 2023

Introducing the new CasaTunes 2-way integration with SONOS. Now, enjoy seamless access to your favorite CasaTunes music on all your SONOS speakers and soundbars!

Unleash the Power of CasaTunes on SONOS

We're excited to announce that CasaTunes has taken a step forward in enhancing your music listening experience. Our latest integration allows you to expand beyond our own speakers and enjoy your complete CasaTunes music, as well as other sources, on your SONOS speakers and soundbars.

Imagine enjoying your favorite tunes or soothing melodies throughout every room in your house. With our enhanced integration, you can finally listen to both CasaTunes and SONOS music on all the speakers in your home, creating a symphony of sound wherever you go.

Adding a sound bar to Your Whole House Music Solution

Experience the simplicity of playing CasaTunes music on a SONOS soundbar. Effortlessly synchronize your entire household's audio and enjoy the perfect fusion of convenience and exceptional sound quality.

The Best of Both Worlds: TV Audio Meets CasaTunes

Enhance your sports listening experience by effortlessly connecting your TV audio to all of your CasaTunes and SONOS speakers. With this convenient setup, you can enjoy the sound from your SONOS soundbar on any speaker in your house, immersing yourself in every thrilling moment of the game.

Wireless Freedom in Every Corner

No more worrying about hard-to-wire locations. With our new integration, you can seamlessly add a SONOS wireless speaker to any area of your home, expanding your audio coverage without the hassle.

Elevate Your Audio Experience with SONOS Line In

Expand your music sources, like adding a vinyl player, and enjoy even more variety throughout your home. Our integration allows you to listen to music sources connected to the Line In input on your SONOS devices seamlessly, giving you endless entertainment possibilities.