CasaTunes and Lutron

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Lutron and CasaTunes have partnered to allow customers to use their Lutron keypads and timer events to control their CasaTunes music.

Integrating Lutron with CasaTunes requires access to the Lutron configuration tools (such as Radio RA2 Essentials)

Simple Setup

Automatic discovery of Lutron configuration

CasaTunes provides seamless integration with Lutron RadioRA 2 and HomeWorks QS total home control systems.  This integration enables you to use Lutron keypads and timer events to control your CasaTunes music.

Setup is simple.  In the Settings section of the CasaTunes App, simply enable Lutron, enter your Lutron telnet credentials, and the IP address of your main Lutron controller.

Once configured, CasaTunes automatically downloads and discovers your Lutron RadioRA2 and Homeworks QS configuration.

Next, configure the CasaTunes Actions to take in response to a Lutron trigger, which can either be a keypad button press, or Lutron timer event.

The CasaTunes Actions you can configure, include:

  • Powering a room on, off or toggling the power for a room
  • Turning the volume up or down
  • Play, pause or toggling between play/pause
  • Turning all rooms off
  • Skipping to the next or previous song
  • Selecting the next or previous CasaTunes playlist
  • Selecting the next or previous source
Lutron Setup is currently only available in the CasaTunes for iOS App

Lutron Audio PICO controller

Simplified CasaTunes control

CasaTunes and the Lutron Audio PICO wireless controllers are the perfect companion products, ideally suited for less tech savvy users, or users looking for a simplified control option for CasaTunes.

You can configure a Lutron Audio PICO wireless controller for each room.  For example, you can configure CasaTunes to toggle the power in the Living Room when the PLAY/PAUSE button is pressed, to change the volume in the Living Room when the UP and DOWN buttons are pressed, to skip to the next track when the NEXT TRACK button is pressed, and to select the next CasaTunes playlist when pressing the FAVORITE (or center) button.

For more information about CasaTunes integration with Lutron, please refer to the Lutron Integration Guide

Watch how to configure a Lutron Audio PICO controller in CasaTunes