Rolling CasaSetup into CasaTunesX

Written by
David Krinker
August 22, 2022

Version 2 of the CasaTunesX App for Android, iOS and HTML5 based Browsers ships September 2022

The next major release of the CasaTunesX App will integrate the CasaSetup functionality, providing dealers with a single app for setup and control of their CasaTunes systems.

Dealers familiar with CasaSetup, will experience a seamless transition to the setup functionality provided by the App, as we have maintained consistency with the CasaSetup menu items, while providing significant improvements to the user experience.

New functionality includes simplifying streamer setup, providing better visual cues for hidden sources and rooms, support for configuring sources on slave matrix amplifiers in a CT-12X8MA/CT-5X4MA setup, support for restarting CasaTunes, better in-App documentation for lesser used settings, and much more.

In addition to using the new setup capabilities of the CasaTunesX App, dealers can utilize the built-in "lockdown" capabilities of the new CasaTunesX App, and the customization options available for the UI, in order to tailor the best App experience for their customers.