User Profiles

Written by
David Krinker
January 22, 2024

CasaTunes User Profiles provides dealers an easy way to customize the CasaTunesX App User Experience for customers.

The primary purposes of the CasaTunes User Profiles are to:

  1. Customize the CasaTunesX App User Interface for users
  2. Control (or limit) the changes a user can make to their CasaTunes system, preventing customers from inadvertently reconfiguring CasaTunes

CasaTunes ships with 3 built-in profiles, the Admin, User and Guest profile.  Only the Admin profile allows users to make configuration changes to their CasaTunes system and to manage the User Profiles.  The different profiles vary in the features and capabilities exposed in the App.

When first setting up CasaTunes, the Admin profile is selected as the default profile.  The Admin profile is designed for dealers and expert users.  When the Admin profile is selected, you have access to all the functionality available in the CasaTunesX App.

When the Admin profile is selected, the admin can select and configure the default profile to be used by other users, and can password protect or “lock” the User Profiles to prevent users from changing their configured User Profile and/or User Profile Settings.

When installing the CasaTunesX App on a new device, CasaTunes assigns the default profile to the new device.  If the admin has locked (i.e. password protected) access to User Profiles, then the user will need to enter the admin password before they can change the selected profile for the device, or change the selected profile settings.

Each profile includes a list of Profile Settings.  These settings provide control over various CasaTunesX App settings and/or features, allowing you to hide or show controls, menus and buttons available in the User Interface, control access to rooms and sources, and control Smart Tasks options.

User Profiles are available in CasaTunes version 5.00.240122 or later, and requires the latest CasaTunesX App v1.5.9.240120 or later.