CasaTunes Plus Music Servers

Providing 2-6 streams of pre-amplified, line level, high definition audio

The CasaTunes Plus Music Servers provide 2-6 streams of pre-amplified, line level, high definition audio (5 analog streams plus 1 digital stream).  The streams are typically fed to a matrix amplifier, which amplifies and distributes the music streams throughout the home.
Each stream works as an independent, stand alone music player. You can listen to disc music, networked music, Internet radio and music, as well as stream music from iOS devices using Apple AirPlay.
In addition to providing one or more music streams, CasaTunes Plus music servers control your audio matrix amplifiers, and the integration with AV Receivers, SONOS, automation systems and control systems, voice control, and much more. The music server is the brains, or hub, of your multi room audio system.
CasaTunes Plus Music Servers can be used in one of three ways, (i) stand alone, as a streamer integrated with a home automation system, (ii) in combination with a CasaTunes matrix amplifier, or (iii) in combination with a 3rd party matrix amplifier.
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CasaTunes Music Servers Upgrades

CasaTunes Music Servers (with built-in Software Matrix Switch)

The following CasaTunes Music Servers include a built-in software matrix switch, and are designed to connect to one or more multi-channel amplifiers, such as the CasaTunes CT-1240AMP amplifier. These music servers are ideal when you require a large number of streams.
NOTE: The software matrix switch has an inherent latency of about 100-150ms and therefore is not recommended for distributing audio from a TV or video source.  When distributing audio from a TV or video source, we recommend you use a CasaTunes (hardware based) matrix amplifier, such as the CT-5X4MA, CT-6X6MA or CT-12X8MA.
The CasaTunes 12X12 and 16X16 music servers are special "build-to-order" items. Please plan on ordering these items, 1-2 weeks before they are needed.

Protect your music server

CasaTunes recommends using an Uninteruptable Power Supply (UPS) that is CE certified and rated for residential use to protect your music server.