New CasaTunes Driver for KNX (Version 2)

Written by
David Krinker
June 13, 2024

The new Version 2 CasaTunes Driver for KNX offers an advanced multi-room audio solution, seamlessly integrating traditional multi-room matrix amplifiers and music servers with KNX systems. Here's an overview of the key features:

  1. Comprehensive Integration: The complete rewrite ensures robust integration of multi-room audio solutions with KNX, including over sixty multi-room matrix amplifiers and music servers from CasaTunes and other partners.
  2. Versatile Control Options: Control your music effortlessly using KNX panels, the freely available cross-platform CasaTunesX App, or both.
  3. Optimized Configuration: Finely tune your CasaTunes-KNX setup to simplify ETS configuration and efficiently manage KNX bus traffic.
  4. Enhanced Compatibility: Support for multiple Datapoint Types for each CasaTunes function allows compatibility with a wide range of popular KNX panels.
  5. Sophisticated Interfaces: Create simple, sophisticated touch panel push button interfaces using CasaTunes Smart Tasks (macros). Especially useful in commercial installations.

These features make the Version 2 CasaTunes driver for KNX an ideal choice for both residential and commercial multi-room audio installations.

The new driver is available in the latest CasaTunes release, v5.00.240610 or later. To ensure you are using the latest driver, make sure to install the latest CasaTunes release.

To install the latest CasaTunes release using the CasaTunesX App, navigate to: MENU > Settings > System Update > Update CasaTunes > Advanced Options