CasaTunes + SONOS Integration

All the CasaTunes and SONOS functionality you love, seamlessly integrated

CasaTunes' SONOS integration is the latest innovation from CasaTunes and provides customers the best of both solutions.

Today, SONOS offers the most comprehensive list of music services of any music streamer, including support for Spotify Connect, AirPlay 2 (available on specific SONOS models), Apple Music, Amazon Music, Deezer, iHeart Radio, Pandora, SiriusXM, Tidal, TuneIn, and many business music services.

CasaTunes on the other hand, offers scalable multi-room audio systems that are easy to install, maintain and cost significantly less than comparable systems, especially when considering systems with six or more rooms.

Plus, there is no need to replace your current system, as CasaTunes works with many current and legacy multi-room audio systems, including those from Audio Authority, Acurus, Axium, CasaTunes, Dayton Audio, HTD, Leviton/HAI, Legrand/NuVo, Monoprice, RTI, Russound, SpeakerCraft, and Vanco/PusleAudio.

The combination of CasaTunes + SONOS makes it the ideal solution for both retrofit and new installations.

For retrofit installations, that is households that are using one of the many multi-room audio systems that CasaTunes supports, simply add a CasaTunes music server + SONOS Port or Connect device, and transform your existing system into a "best in class" multi-room audio system.

For new installations, CasaTunes is available bundled with one or more CasaTunes 6X6 matrix amplifiers. The combination results in not only a "best in class" multi-room audio solution, but a solution for a very affordable price.

Combining a CasaTunes CT2-6Z with a SONOS Port (or Connect) opens the door to many possibilities


An affordable solution that scales

CasaTunes multi-room audio systems include one or more CasaTunes 6X6 matrix amplifiers. Each CasaTunes 6X6 matrix amplifier supports music in up to 6 rooms. You can add up to six matrix amplifiers, for a total of 36 rooms.

With CasaTunes, you add one or more SONOS Port or Connect music streamers depending on the number of different music streams required. For many households and small businesses a single SONOS Port or Connect device will suffice.

When comparing the cost of a CasaTunes + SONOS solution with other market leading solutions, the CasaTunes + SONOS solution offers dealers almost 50% savings depending on the installation size.

Not only are the cost savings significant, but a CasaTunes installation requires fewer components (when compared with individual amplifier based solutions), making it is easy to install and maintain. Plus, unique CasaTunes features such as Internet and system monitoring, and remote access tools help minimize truck rolls and improve the customer experience.


CasaTunes + SONOS is perfect for retrofit installations

For retrofit installations, that is households that are currently using one of the multi-room audio systems that CasaTunes supports, simply purchase a CasaTunes music server and SONOS Port or Connect device to upgrade your existing multi-room audio system to be "best in class".

Best of all, installation is a breeze. Physically connect the existing multi-room audio system to the network or to the CasaTunes music server using the supplied serial cable, then add the SONOS Port or Connect audio output to an available input source on the multi-room audio system. Use the CasaTunes and SONOS Apps to complete the setup.

The CasaTunes + SONOS combination brings significant new functionality to existing installations, including the largest selection of music services, Android and iOS App control, Alexa voice control, persistent room groups, multi-room volume control, AVR integration, waking up and sleeping to music, now playing metadata, music browsing and selection, home automation integration, Lutron integration, remote support, and much more.

CasaTunes integrates your SONOS speakers into a complete multi-room audio system, including SONOS One, Play:5, Beam, Playbar, and Playbase


By simply adding SONOS speakers

Expand your existing multi-room audio system by adding one or more SONOS speakers (in addition to a SONOS Port or Connect device).

CasaTunes automatically discovers, and seamlessly combines your SONOS speakers with your existing multi-room audio system. Each SONOS speaker shows up as just another room within CasaTunes.

Using the CasaTunes Apps, you can control the music, volume and grouping of any combination of rooms.

Expanding your multi-room audio system, has never been this easy.

Perfect for business

CasaTunes + SONOS for small businesses

Make the CasaTunes CT2-6Z and a SONOS Port or Connect your "go to" solution for small business customers.

To expand this solution and support more zones or listening areas, simply purchase additional CasaTunes 6X6 matrix amplifiers, and if you need additional streams, you can add up to 5 more SONOS Port or Connect devices, for a total of six independent streams.

Your SONOS Port or Connect device offers a wide variety of commercial music solutions to pick from, including: Canopy, Custom Channels,, Jukeboxy, Mood Media, Rockbot, SiriusXM for business, SoundMachine, and StorePlay.

Best of all, these vendors handle the complexities of commercial licensing requirements for you, so you don't have to.

Simply, select your vendor of choice, configure and enable the vendors music service on your SONOS Port or Connect device, and your business is ready to rock!

How it works

CasaTunes uses SONOS Port or Connect devices connected to your matrix as both, a music streamer and as a gateway to other SONOS speakers.

Using the CasaTunes Apps for Android and iOS you can control the music and which rooms your SONOS music plays in. Use the Group Rooms option in the App to select any combination of matrix zones and/or SONOS speakers to play your SONOS music in.

Under the hood, CasaTunes selects the SONOS Port or Connect device on the matrix as the source for the selected matrix zones, and groups the SONOS Port or Connect device with any selected SONOS speakers.

When you group a SONOS speaker to a matrix zone, CasaTunes intelligently selects a SONOS Port or Connect device to use if there is more than one SONOS Port or Connect device connected to the matrix switch, groups this device with the SONOS speaker, then selects the SONOS Port or Connect device as the source for the matrix zone.

The App makes it easy to group the rooms where you want to listen to your  music. Simply check each room in the Group Rooms screen, and to remove a room from the group, simply uncheck the room.

With CasaTunes, you can seamlessly manage the volume for both matrix zones and SONOS speakers. Use the Master Volume control to change the group volume, and use the individual room volume controls to change the volume in a specific room.

If you find yourself often selecting the same group of rooms, and adjusting the volume in these rooms, you can save these settings as a CasaTunes Room Group.

Room groups simplify managing your music in multiple rooms.  When you turn on a room group, or join a room group, it powers on all the rooms that are part of the room group, sets the same source for each room, and adjusts the volume for each room appropriately.

Use room groups to implement Party Mode and Scenes.

Since CasaTunes uses the official SONOS cloud based Control Application Programming Interface (API) to control SONOS Port or Connect devices and any additional SONOS speakers, CasaTunes displays much of the same information that is available in the SONOS App (see side-by-side Now Playing images above).

With CasaTunes you can select to listen to any SONOS Favorite or Playlist.  If you would like to browse and search for other music, simply tap the Now Playing artwork in the CasaTunes App to open the SONOS App. Once you have completed selecting your music, press the top left button in the SONOS App to return back to the CasaTunes App.

CasaTunes automatically organizes your favorites based on the music service type (for example, Pandora), further simplifying the selection process.

We recommend creating a robust list of your SONOS Favorites and Playlists. This way you can quickly select your music without ever having to leave the CasaTunes App.