CasaTunes 2-way SONOS Integration

All the CasaTunes and SONOS functionality you love, seamlessly integrated

CasaTunes' 2-way SONOS integration is the latest innovation, offering customers the best of both worlds.

Now, you can enjoy listening to your SONOS music and TV audio on a SONOS soundbar, as well as playing music from a connected SONOS Line In component on all your CasaTunes and SONOS speakers.

Additionally, you have the ability to listen to all of your CasaTunes music, as well as any external source components connected to your CasaTunes matrix, on both your CasaTunes and SONOS speakers.

CasaTunes uses a SONOS Port (or Connect) device which acts as a bridge between SONOS and CasaTunes

When to consider adding 2-way SONOS integration

Six reasons

Customer wants to re-use existing SONOS equipment

If your customer already has different SONOS speakers and devices, now they can repurpose them for their CasaTunes solution. It's a smart way to save money and maximize the use of their existing equipment.

Soundbar integration

Just like CasaTunes' solution that seamlessly integrates with AV receivers for whole-house music, integrators are on the lookout for a soundbar solution that does the same.

One major perk of integrating an AV receiver or soundbar is that you don't need to worry about setting up separate speakers for multi-room audio. Plus, these systems usually come with higher quality speakers compared to your standard in-ceiling ones.

CasaTunes seamlessly integrates with SONOS soundbars. With this integration, you can not only enjoy your CasaTunes music on a SONOS soundbar, but also play TV audio1 in different rooms using CasaTunes and SONOS speakers. It's a convenient way to play your TV audio throughout your home.

Add a wirelsss speaker

When a customer wants to add a room, which was not previously wired, integrators can simply add a wireless SONOS speaker.

Expanding a CasaTunes system

If you've hit the limit on your CasaTunes system and are already using our SONOS 2-way integration, but still need to expand to another room, a great option is to add a SONOS speaker2. It's an easy and convenient way to enhance your setup without any hassle.

Add a source components anywhere in your home

If you want to connect a source component like a vinyl player in your Living Room, you can conveniently use the Line In on a wireless SONOS port or speaker. It's a simple and effective way to integrate your components anywhere in your home.

Listen to specialty music services on SONOS

The SONOS 2-way integration allows you to listen to music services that are not available in CasaTunes.

1Note: When you group a SONOS soundbar with other SONOS (and CasaTunes) speakers, SONOS injects an audio delay, anywhere from 75 ms ~ 2 seconds on the audio played on the grouped speakers. You can configure the amount of latency using the Group Audio Delay setting in the SONOS App. To avoid listening issues caused by this latency, do not group a SONOS soundbar with other speakers in the same room.

2Note: Keep in mind that CasaTunes' 2-way SONOS integration requires reserving a matrix input and output for connecting to the SONOS Port.