Innovative Volume Controls

Written by
David Krinker
September 19, 2023

CasaTunes introduces two innovative features that enhance the user experience: Night Mode and Maximum Turn On Volume.

Night Mode

Night mode is a game-changer for those who enjoy listening to music at night. It automatically adjusts the volume levels in different rooms, ensuring a more appropriate and soothing audio experience during nighttime hours. No more sudden bursts of loud music that can disturb your sleep or wake up others in the house.

But what happens when morning comes? Once night mode ends, the volume levels are seamlessly restored to their previous settings, allowing you to enjoy your favorite tunes at your preferred volume without any hassle.

Maximum Turn On Volume

When you flick that switch to turn on the audio in a room, Maximum Turn On Volume will automatically trim the volume level for you. So no more unpleasant surprise blasts of noise when you first start playing your favorite tunes!

With these two innovations, CasaTunes not only enhances convenience but also prioritizes user comfort and consideration for others in shared living spaces. Say goodbye to fumbling with volume controls and hello to a more enjoyable listening experience, day or night.

These two features are part of the CasaTunes release slated for the end of the month.