Wake Up to Music

Written by
David Krinker
August 16, 2018

Wake up to music

Your music server includes a flexible scheduler you can use to schedule to play and wake up to music at different times of the day and week.  You can setup one or more alarms for a room or room group.

Figure illustrates how to setup a wakeup alarm in CasaTunes
Step 1: Open Menu | Step 2: Select "Wakeup To Music" | Step 3: Select the room you want to setup an alarm for | Step 4: Setup the alarm

When you setup an alarm you specify the following settings:

  • The time of day you want the music to start playing
  • The time of day you want the music to stop playing (optional)
  • Which days of the week to play the music
  • The music volume level for the room or room group, as well as whether you want to ramp up the volume slowly, over 30 seconds
  • Whether to use a specific source, or simply use the source that is currently configured for the room or room group
  • Whether to continue to play the music that was last playing in this room or room group, or whether to play music from a specific CasaTunes or other playlist

There are also a couple of advanced settings for ad-hoc or one-time alarms.  These are typically used by the Alexa Skill for CasaTunes.  These settings allow you to set up a one time alarm and to have the alarm automatically be removed from the list after the alarm is triggered.

Here are some examples of how you can use alarms

At home, during the week, I personally setup a weekday alarm to go off at 6:30 am in the morning and to automatically stop at 8:00 am.  I created a CasaTunes playlist that tunes to the morning news.  At night, I set up an alarm that plays “chill” music starting at 6:00 pm.  It is really nice to be welcomed home at the end of a long day to the sound of chilled vibes.  I use a Spotify playlist to set the mood.

At work, during the week, I personally setup a weekday alarm to turn the music on at 8:00 am and turn off the music automatically at 6:00 pm.  It is set to play whatever was currently playing on the current source for the room.

For a retail establishment, you can set up multiple alarms for different times of the day, depending on the mood you want to establish at different times during the day.  This allows a hands free background music option to endear customers.

For ad-hoc alarms, I use Alexa.  I simply say “Alexa, ask Kasa Tunes to set an alarm for 8 AM”.  This schedules an alarm for 8:00 am in the morning, in the room the Alexa device is set up for, and plays the music that was last playing in the room.

Don't forget you can also sleep to music

Sleeping to your favorite tunes

Using the Android and iOS Apps, if you press and hold the power button for a room, you will be prompted to set a sleep time.  Once the timer has expired the music is ramped down slowly, making it easy to fall asleep to music while listening to your favorite tunes.