Acurus Scorpion driver for CasaTunes


CasaTunes has developed a matrix driver for the ACURUS Scorpion multi-zone amplifier. This unit behaves differently than most matrix switches supported by CasaTunes, so the purpose of this document is to explain these differences, and the best way to use this device with CasaTunes.


Requires CasaTunes Version 5.00.180629 or later


CasaTunes uses the serial interface to control the Acurus Scorpion. This requires a special NULL MODEM serial cable. CasaTunes can support up to 4 Scorpion units for a total of 40 rooms. Each unit requires a separate dedicated serial connection (which can be accommodated by purchasing additional USB-to-Serial devices).


When you select the Acurus Scorpion Controller Type in CasaSetup, CasaTunes creates a matrix device for each Acurus Scorpion, consisting of 11 Sources and 10 Zones.

The 11 Sources include 8 Zone Inputs, an A Bus, B Bus and Z Bus. The 8 Zone Inputs are labeled “Input Zone 1”, “Input Zone 2”, etc. to match the Acurus Scorpion documentation.

All Zones, Zone 1 - 10 have access to the A Bus, B Bus, and Z Bus input sources.

Zones 1 - 8 are enabled to use the corresponding local input zone. ie. CasaTunes enables “Input Zone 1” for Zone 1, “Input Zone 2” for Zone 2, etc.

Zones 9 & 10 are enabled to use all sources, so you can select any input for these zones.

Note: CasaTunes does not provide a method for configuring the Input Zone to assign for the Z Bus. You must use the Acurus Scorpion Web tool to configure this.

Recommended Setup

We recommend you connect the first 2 CasaTunes media player streams to the A Bus and B Bus connectors, and connect the 3rd CasaTunes media player stream to the local input zone that is assigned to the Z Bus.  This will provide 3 different streams you can listen to, at the same time, in any combination of rooms.

We also recommend you hide the local input zone (source) in CasaSetup that is assigned to the Z Bus, and set it's Source Type to none.

Just remember that if you re-assign the Z Bus local input zone, you will need to re-configure the sources in CasaSetup.

If you have a specific music service account (for example, Dad’s Spotify account), that you want to use exclusively in a room, you can assign this stream to the Input Zone for the room.

Finally, we recommend you connect any additional unused streams to any unused local input zone (except for the local input zone assigned to the Z Bus), as all these streams will be available to Zones 9 and Zone 10.

Connecting multiple Units

When connecting more than one unit, you must share the same sources across all units (by using Y-cables), so that the exact same sources are available on each unit (which is required by CasaTunes).