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The latest version of CasaTunes now provides built-in support for automatically playing Muslim Call To Prayers (adhan). Simply select the city you are located in from a list of available cities, or if your city is not listed, you can configure CasaTunes to calculate the prayer times based on it's location and other settings, using the open-source library found on​.

Note: If your location is not listed, then if you send your location to (Subject: Please add city for adhan), we will add your location in an upcoming release.

Call To Prayers include: near dawn (Fajr), after midday has passed and the sun starts to tilt downwards/noon (Dhuhr), in the afternoon (Asr), just after sunset (Maghrib) and around nightfall (Isha'a).

Call To Prayers playback is supported utilizing CasaTunes' Chime feature, which has been customized for prayers. The Chime feature allows CasaTunes to interrupt the music that is current playing in a room (if any), play the Call To Prayers (adhan), and then resume playing the music after it has completed.

Call To Prayers are supported on all CasaTunes music servers.



To configure Call To Prayers in CasaTunes:

Step 1: You must provide your own call to prayer (adhan) mp3 prayer file(s) and copy these into the CasaTunes Prayers folder. The files ​must be named exactly​ as below:

You can use the same adhan audio file for each prayer, or different ones, but all five files must be present. These files must be copied into the following shared CasaTunes server share folder: \\CasaServer\CasaData\Prayers

If you are using CasaTunes version v5.00.240524 or later, CasaTunes will first check for the file named above, and if the file is not found, then check for a file named Adhan.mp3 file. This allows you to use a single adhan file for all prayers.

Step 2: If you want to listen to the Call To Prayers in more than one room, then create a room group containing all the rooms where you want the call to prayers to be played. Please note the Call To Prayers volume for a room is controlled by the Page Volume setting for each room.

Step 3: Open the Call To Prayers settings page using the CasaTunesX App:

Step 4: In the Prayers Settings page:

  • Enable (or disable) the Call To Prayers
  • Select the room or room group where you want to play the Call To Prayers
  • Set the prayer schedule for the week
  • Configure whether to use the prayer times that are predefined for your location (recommended), or let CasaTunes calculate the prayer schedule based on your location and other settings.
  • Apply an end user prayer time adjustment. You can adjust the prayer times by +/- 30 minutes

Step 5: If you configured CasaTunes to calculate the prayer times, then:

  • Specify your location (latitude and longitude), or touch Find my location to have the App automatically detect your location
  • Select the method to use to calculate prayer times. Currently the following calculation methods are supported: "Jafari", "Karachi", "ISNA", "MWL", "Makkah", "Egypt" and "Custom". For more information about the Custom calculation method see below.
  • Adjust the Asr calculation, by selecting one of the following juristic methods:  Shafii or Hanafi.
  • Adjust the times for high latitudes. Options include "None", "Middle of the night", "1/7 of the night", and "Angle Based method"
  • Adjust for Daylight Savings time

Creating a Custom Calculation Method

To change the Custom calculation method, follow these instructions: