How to setup CasaTunes to control your Leviton/HAI Hi-Fi2




The combination of the CasaTunes music streamer with the Leviton/HAI Hi-Fi2 whole home audio distribution system provides customers with a robust whole house music system, bringing significant new functionality, including:


The CasaTunes setup utility (CasaSetup) is designed to read (or use) the settings that are configured for your Leviton/HAI Hi-Fi2 system.  This means you can either use the Hi-Fi2 Setup application provided by Leviton/HAI to configure your audio distribution system, or use CasaSetup to configure your settings.  In either case, the savings are saved, or persisted, to the Leviton/HAI matrix system.

To configure the CasaTunes music streamer with your Leviton/HAI whole home audio distribution system, follow these steps:

Step 1: Physical Connections

Step 2: Software Configuration

After you have configured the controller type, you can use CasaSetup to configure your Hi-Fi2 system including Sources, Rooms, and/or Music Services as you normally do (refer to the CasaSetup Guide).