How to resolve "Searching for music server" when starting the CasaTunes iOS App


If the iOS App for iPhone or iPad is stuck on the the startup screen "searching for CasaTunes server...", as shown in Figure 1, then either:

Figure 1: iOS App Startup Screen stuck on "Searching for CasaTunes Server"

How to resolve

If the iOS device is not connected to WiFi, or your iOS device is not connected to the same WiFi network your music server is connected to, then select and connect to the WiFi network your music server is on.

If your WiFi connection is not the problem, then:

Figure 2: Apple Settings App (enclosed in orange circle)

If the Local Network switch for the CasaTunes App was off, check whether the startup issue has been resolved.

Figure 3: Configuring the CasaTunes Music Server Settings

If that did not resolve the issue, then follow these steps:

If the CasaTunes App is still stuck on the startup screen, then contact CasaTunes Technical Support