CasaTunes 2 x 100W Stereo Amplifier

Stereo Amplifier
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The CasaTunes CT-2100A is a 2-channel class D power amplifier featuring a stereo speaker output with support for 4-ohm and 8-ohm speakers.   The amplifier can deliver 100 watts per channel into 8-ohms, or 125 watts into 4-ohm loads. The amplifier can be configured to be always on, to turn on when an audio signal is detected, or powered on using a trigger signal.

The CasaTunes CT-2100A is the perfect companion product for powering Zones 7 & 8, the two pre-amplified outputs on the CT-12X8 matrix amplifier.  For better reliability and maximum power savings (≤ 0.5 watts in standby mode), use the trigger out (AMP ON) capabilities of the CT-12X8MA to turn the amplifier in and out of standby mode when the zone is powered off and on, respectively. A trigger cable is included with the amp.

The amplifier includes both thermal and short circuit protection.

The CT-2100A ships with rack mount hardware, and can be mounted in a rack either as a single unit, or two units can be mounted side-by-side.

  • Class-D amplifier providing 100 watts/channel (RMS) into 8 ohm loads or 125 watts/channel into 4-ohm loads
  • Bridgeable output provides 225 watts into a single 8-ohm load
  • 4-pole detachable speaker screw connector (Phoenix connector) with support for up to 12 AWG speaker wire
  • 12-volt trigger input for power-on/off
  • 12-volt trigger output for controlling other devices
  • Buffered loop output of original signal for connecting additional amplifiers
  • Rear panel volume gain adjustment
  • Built-in thermal and short circuit protection circuits
  • Includes rack-mount ears for mounting a single unit, or two units side-by-side
  • Includes trigger cable to connect to CT-12X8MA
  • Audio Inputs: Stereo Analog RCA
  • Audio Outputs: Buffered stereo analog RCA loop output
  • Output Power: 100 watts per channel into 8 ohms (0.1% THD+N), or 125 watts per channel into 4 ohms (0.5% THD+N), or 225 watts into a single 8 ohm load (0.2% THD+N)
  • Minimum Output Impedance: 4 ohms in stereo mode, 8 ohms in mono bridged mode
  • Trigger Input: 12 VDC, 10 kΩ
  • Trigger Output: 12VCD, 100mA
  • Input Power: 100 - 240 VAC, 50/60Hz, 2.5A
  • Standby Power Consumption: ≤ 0.5 watts
  • Dimensions: 8.5” x 10.5” x 1.8” (216 x 267 x 45 mm)
  • Shipping Weight: 5.5 lbs


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