CasaTunes and URC

High fidelity, high quality, great value - URC home control with CasaTunes music streams and CasaTunes music systems.

URC dealers finally have a good music solution for homes controlled by URC. Now, as a dealer, you can easily supply your customers with a reasonably priced music server.

Setup is simple and fast, using URC's Accelerator® software. Download the appropriate CasaTunes Streamer Module Package or the CasaTunes System Module Package (see below). The Module Packages include helpful documentation. You can always check for the latest versions on our downloads page.

With the Streamer Module, CasaTunes can supply up to 4 totally independent streams of audiophile quality music.

With the System Module you can integrate a complete CasaTunes music system into the URC environment. The System Module even comes with a tool to automatically pull in CasaTunes setup configuration, minimizing the amount of work needed for integration.

Streamer vs System Module

Which URC module should I use?

The CasaTunes music server can be configured as a music streamer, or as part of a complete music system.

Music Streamers - If you have previously used audio streamers in your projects, this is the mode you are probably familiar with. In this mode, each audio stream is an independent music player that can play music from internet music services, like Spotify, from local music stored on a PC, or from NAS device on the local network, or a stream from an iOS device via AirPlay.

A music streamer has no switching, volume or power control, just pure, independent streams coming out of the music server at pre-amp levels.

For music streamers use the CasaTunes Streamer Module for URC.

Music Systems - When using your music server as part of a CasaTunes music system, your music server controls and supply streams to the CasaTunes 6X6 matrix amplifier, as well as other third party audio distribution systems, such as those from Audio Authority, Channel Vision, Leviton, NuVo, RTI, Russound, SpeakerCraft, and Vanco.

Use the System Module and once you Accelerate, the combination of CasaTunes and the CasaTunes or third party audio distribution system act as a complete self-contained music system.

You can also use the System Module with our legacy CasaTunes CT Systems. These systems behave like regular CasaTunes music systems, but uses software to implement switching. With CasaTunes CT Systems, switching between internal streams and external outputs is built right into the music server software.

For music systems use the CasaTunes System Module for URC.

Streamer Module Features

Every stream is a complete Music Player, offering endless music, and a powerful, but simple interface.

You can use any of our CasaTunes music servers with up to 8 independent streams.

Each stream supplies the following to inputs on your AV Receiver or audio distribution switch:

  • Endless music
  • Stream any music App from iOS devices using CasaTunes Air. Each stream can play music from a different iOS device
  • Play different music on each stream
  • Store your music collection on your music server for access by any stream
  • Support for older one-way URC Controllers
  • Easily change what you are listening to by browsing through your music collection, searching for a specific artist or song, or clicking on a different song in your currently playing list.

With CasaTunes, in addition to listening to your disc based music, you can select from a wide variety of different music services, including Calm Radio, Deezer, SHOUTcast, Spotify, Tidal, TuneIn and more.

Using our CasaTunes Air technology you can stream music from any music App on iOS devices to any stream.

Each CasaTunes music server (optional on the CT-2), includes a large disc for storing your music. Customers can copy their entire music collection onto their CasaTunes music server, ensuring their music is always available when they want it.

Included in the module are complete UIs for URC's Total Control TKP-7000, TRC-1080 and URC's Mobile apps for Android and iOS phones and tablets. In addition, the module supports one-way comands for older devices, to allow pausing, playing, next, previous and stop functions

System Module Features

Works with any CasaTunes music system. Easy to integrate. Allows all the great CasaTunes system features

Regardless of which CasaTunes Hardware Matrix Music System or CasaTunes Software Matrix Music System you are using, the System Module makes it easy to integrate with URC. When done, you have the full functionality of the Streaming Module, plus:.

  • Driver tool to automatically create a driver for every room
  • Driver tool creates a room list that is imported into Accelerator for creating the Project Tree
  • Allows you to switch to and control non-streaming audio sources, such as cable boxes
  • Every room and room group is published as an AirPlay target to iOS devices
  • Easily add wireless rooms by using CasaTunes' unique AirPlay out feature
  • Includes a Chromecast Audio Module that lets you play music from a Chromecast Audio dongle plugged into a CasaTunes input