How to fix Windows 10 Creator Update issues


Windows 10 Creator's Update is the first non-optional Windows Update. This means that regardless of whether updates are enabled or disabled, Microsoft has, or shortly will, update your music server. Unfortunately, the Creator Update was released with several bad bugs, including:

Install the latest beta (or update to the latest release once the beta has been released to production)

To restore your music server to an operational state, we recommend you contact Tech Support, and on CT-12 and larger music servers, you must install the latest CasaTunes beta . The beta includes support for automatically fixing the last 3 issues listed above. We are now working with Microsoft on fixing issue #1, and when this is completed, the beta will be released to production.

While the current beta will not reconfigure your sound cards from 2 to 8 channels, the beta does detect if your sound card is not setup for 8 channels (7.1), and will display an error message on both the CasaTunes Android and iOS Apps.

ASUS card setup

Until support for automatically reconfiguring your sound cards from 2 to 8 channels is available, you will need to follow these instructions to re-configure your ASUS cards:

Never cancel out of the Windows Playback Devices, always click through to finish and then close. otherwise the Speaker configuration will be reset back into Stereo mode.