CasaTunes Device Control using BitWise Controls


Although CasaTunes has developed several control module for most popular AV Receivers that support RS-232 and IP, there are a large number of devices that only support Infra-red control, and that homeowners would like to use with CasaTunes that are not currently supported.

To provide a more comprehensive solution to this problem, the company has partnered with BitWise Controls. The combined solution offers seamless integration of third party music equipment, and integration of stand alone home theaters and receivers in to a unique whole house music experience.

Integrating Home Theater/Surround Sound setups with CasaTunes

In this tutorial we will walk you through step-by-step to show you how to integrate an IR controlled AV Receiver that is setup in the Living Room so that is can participate in the whole music experience, and be seamlessly controlled within CasaTunes.

Note 1: You must enable BitWise Controls in the CasaTunesSvc.exe.config. Contact CasaTunes Technical Support for more information. Once enabled and CasaTunes is restarted, CasaTunes will automatically discover your BitWise Controllers in your network. You should always restart CasaTunes after you have changed the BitWise Controller configuration, in order for CasaTunes to re-discover and re-load the latest BitWise Controller information
Note 2: CasaTunes automatically discovers the macros programmed for each BitWise controller, however due to the length of time it can take to check all the available macro slots, CasaTunes stops the macro discovery process, when it detects the first empty macro slot, so you must be careful to ensure that all your macros are consecutively listed.