Detroit, MI November 18, 2014 – On Controls (http://www.oncontrols.com), a leader in cloud-based smart home and commercial control solutions for professional installers, has announced today the addition of CasaTunes to their Partners in Control cooperative program. The Partners in Control program has been created to achieve seamless compatibility between the On Controls platform and a vast array of connected device manufacturers from related residential and commercial market applications such as audio, video, HVAC, security, lighting control and others.

CasaTunes whole-house music systems supply multiple sources of audio programming throughout the home using wired or wireless technology (via AirPlay®). Now with On Controls compatibility, users can access full CasaTunes functionality with the touch of a single button. Features include the ability to select and enjoy any source in any room or rooms, access to local and streaming content, easy browsing to explore new artists, customizable playlists and queues amongst other features. “We are pleased to join the On Controls partners program in order to deliver seamless compatibility between the CasaTunes product line and the On Controls connected device platform,” stated Steve Guerra, VP Business Development at CasaTunes.

“On Controls is excited to offer CasaTunes compatibility to our network of integrators and end-users, providing an efficient solution for whole-house entertainment accessible from a single button-press on our highly intuitive user interface,” commented On Controls CEO Itai Ben-Gal.

The On Controls Partners in Control program will help bring best in class manufacturers and integrators together in the rapidly growing connected devices marketplace. Interested manufacturers can learn more about the Partners in Control program by contacting Adam Gold at: partners@oncontrols.com or 313-373-7619

About On Controls: On Controls brings the convenience, luxury and security of advanced control and automation technology for residential and commercial applications to the Apple and Android phones and tablets already familiar to millions of users. An award-winning Wi-Fi-based platform, On Controls leverages the efficiency of the cloud, enabling integrators to deliver more features and better service to their commercial and connected home clients. From a single room to the largest applications, On Controls allows integrators to initialize, upgrade, add new features and sync remote setups to a client’s tablet or phone via a web portal from anywhere in the world. On Controls is an intuitive, reliable, robust, and reboot-free system that will simplify your life! http://www.oncontrols.com

About CasaTunes

CasaTunes designs flexible wired and wireless multi-room audio systems for distributing iTunes and Windows Media disc based music, Internet radio, and Internet based music services throughout the home. The CasaTunes multi-room systems support as few as 3 and as many as 24-wired rooms, with up to an additional 10 wireless rooms. CasaTunes also offers music streamers designed to supply streams to and control of RTI, Audio Authority, Channel Vision, Nuvo, Russound, and SpeakerCraft multi-room systems. CasaTunes systems integrate well with popular control systems such as Roomie, On Controls, RTI, Control4, Loxone and Key Digital. Founded in 2006, CasaTunes is a privately held entity headquartered in Ft. Collins, Colorado with offices in Florida. 

Visit www.CasaTunes.com for more information.

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