Offering Standalone CasaTunes Music Servers with Whole House Control and Intelligent Integration for AudioControl Network Amplifiers
Offering Standalone CasaTunes Music Servers with Whole House Control and Intelligent Integration for AudioControl Network Amplifiers

Ft. Collins, CO, October 7, 2019 – CasaTunes®, the leader in streaming multi-room music solutions, today announced support for the complete line of AudioControl Network Amplifiers, including the Director ‘D’ network DSP amplifiers and ‘M’ Series network DSP matrix amplifiers, the D2800, D4600, M4800, M4840, M6400 and M6800 models.  As the only vendor to offer a standalone music server with whole house control and intelligent support for AudioControl network amplifiers, CasaTunes is eliminating the purchase, configuration and maintenance of a whole house automation and control system for audio-only installations. AudioControl’s network amplifiers deliver amazing audio complementing the incredible functionality offered by CasaTunes’ High Definition Music Servers.

“Our mission is to provide customers the best “music by the roomful” experience, and the flexibility to install the system that best meets their needs,” said David Krinker, President of CasaTunes. “Partnering with AudioControl allows us to provide customers with powerful high-end solutions, offering an array of features and the capacity to deliver unrivaled whole house audio performance.”

AudioControl provides state-of-the-art network amplifiers. These network-controlled amplifiers offer higher power amplification, advanced DSP for installers to customize the sound experience on a room-by-room basis (including the use of Speaker Profiles, which provide optimal settings for vendor specific speakers), and system monitoring, ensuring optimal and safe performance of your audio equipment.

“Like CasaTunes, we strive to heighten the home entertainment experience by offering superb audio equipment,” explained Chris Kane, AudioControl’s VP Of Sales. “We appreciate the synergy between AudioControl’s and CasaTunes as well as an opportunity to offer the features and functionality that our customers want. Anytime we can be a part of a system that provides seamless flexibility for the client along with high performance audio is something we truly enjoy.”

CasaTunes 2, 3, and 5 stream music servers are the perfect companion product for AudioControl’s line of network amplifiers, offering AudioControl-specific features such as easy selection of parametric and graphic equalization presets for a room, as well as system and zone monitoring.

To ensure peak performance and safety, CasaTunes monitors AudioControl systems for AC line voltage fluctuations, thermal overheating of the system and zones, zone short circuits, clipping, ultrasonic and DC offset, and can be configured to notify customers and/or dealers if issues are detected.

CasaTunes Music Servers offer both music and intelligent matrix amplifier control, native apps for Android and iOS smartphones and tablets, voice control, premium Internet radio and music, built-in disc for personal music collections, AV receiver integration, room grouping, waking and sleeping to music.

With seamless SONOS support and integration, SONOS devices work with CasaTunes music servers, both as a music source and as speakers, for example, customers can expand a CasaTunes powered multi room audio system by adding a wireless SONOS speaker in a location that was not previously wired. Using the CasaTunes App the customer can seamlessly control SONOS, AudioControl and CasaTunes.

For larger projects, dealers can connect up to six network amplifiers to each CasaTunes Music Server, supporting installations with up to 48 zones or rooms.

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CasaTunes designs flexible wired and wireless multi-room audio solutions for playing local disc based music, Internet radio, and Internet based music services throughout the home for dealers through the CasaTunes Music Server. Founded in 2006, CasaTunes is a privately held entity headquartered in Ft. Collins, Colorado with offices in Florida. Visit for more information.

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