Don't Replace Your Customers Multi Room Audio System. Reinvigorate it with a CasaTunes 2, 3, or 5 Stream Music Server

Don't Replace it. Simply Upgrade it.

CasaTunes supports many popular Multi Room Audio systems. If your customers system is supported, then you do not need to replace it. Typically, the limitations of a multi room system is not the amplifier but the "brains" of the multi room system.

You can purchase a CasaTunes 2, 3 or 5 stream music server and bring your old tired hardware into the 21st century.

This is a win-win. A more affordable option for your customer, while providing a profitable business for you.

Is your customers Multi Room Audio system supported?

More Features

The CasaTunes music server comes loaded with features your customers will love.

Alexa Voice Control ✦ Android and iOS Apps ✦ Built-in Disc Music Storage ✦ Internet Radio and Music ✦ AirPlay ✦ Seamless SONOS Integration ✦ Easily Control Where Music Plays ✦ Persisted Room Groups ✦ Wakeup & Sleep to Music ✦ AV Receiver Integration ✦ Home Automation & Control Systems

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CasaTunes, the recipient of the CE Pro Quest for Quality Award, is recognized for providing the industry's best support.

Plus, adding a music server to an existing multi room audio system is easy-peasy quick.

Support features include:

Live Support ✦ Remotely Access Customer Site ✦ System Monitoring and Notifications ✦ Automatic or Manual Upgrades ✦ Separate Admin and User UI

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