KNX Panel Setup

HDL M/DLP04.1 (DLP Panel)

The HDL DLP panel does not include any dedicated support for audio functions. However, you can configure a page of buttons as the Audio page. Plus, HDL provides a tool you can use to customize the icons displayed for each button to create a custom audio page.

Panel Configuration

We recommend you use a layout similar to the following:

Top 2 buttons > Left button: Toggle Power for the room (long press power off all rooms), right button: Scroll through sources for the room

Next 2 buttons: Volume down & volume up. Long press toggle mute

Next 2 buttons: Previous & next song

Last 2 buttons: Previous & next playlist

Group Address Configuration

After you have configured the general settings for your HDL panel, you are now ready to associate the Group Addresses that were imported from CasaTunes with the Group Objects for the panel.

Please refer to the "KNX Setup" Tech Note for more information on how to configure the KNX Driver for CasaTunes, how to export the CasaTunes Group Addresses from CasaSetup, and how to import them in ETS 5.

Now using the ETS 5 tool, associate the following CasaTunes Group Addresses for the zone to be controlled by this panel with the Device Group Objects as shown in the image below.