Using Apple Shortcuts and Siri Shortcuts to control CasaTunes


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Apple introduced Shortcuts in iOS 12 as a method for automating a sequence of actions. You can launch shortcuts from the Shortcuts App, from the iOS Today View, from the iOS Home screen, or by asking Siri.

Using Apple's Shortcuts Editor and CasaTunes' rich programming interface (REST API), you can create Shortcuts to just about automate anything you can do with the CasaTunes App

To help get started, we created a library of ready-to-use shortcuts you can browse, download and customize.  These ready-to-use shortcuts cover many common actions you are likely to want to automate in CasaTunes, including shortcuts to control the music in a room, control playback, and select music.

Shortcuts are one way dealers can add value to a CasaTunes installation, providing customers with an easy way to simplify and automate a complex sequence of actions. It even allows integrators to combine actions across multiple apps.

CasaTunes Shortcuts Library

The CasaTunes Shortcuts Library is available at

Getting Started

To get started with shortcuts, you will need:

Working with CasaTunes Shortcuts

This tutorial will walk you through the steps of installing, customizing and running a pre-made CasaTunes shortcut.

Step 1 - Download the shortcut

On your iOS device, open Safari and navigate to the CasaTunes Apple Shortcuts Library ( on the CasaTunes web site (Support -> Apple Shortcuts Library)

Download the Music All Off shortcut.

Tap Get Shortcut.  If the shortcut you download is customizable, you will be prompted to configure the shortcut.

For this sample shortcut, you can configure the name of the music server.  By default the shortcut is configured to use CasaServer, but if you changed the default name of your music server then you can specify the new name here. Other CasaTunes shortcuts allow you to configure other parameters, such as the room a shortcut should control, the amount to adjust the volume, etc.

Tap Done when finished.

After the shortcut is downloaded, the shortcut will be opened in the Shortcuts App in the Shortcuts Editor view

Step 2 - Changing the Shortcut Settings

You can change the settings for the shortcut, by tapping on the Settings button, in the Shortcuts Editor view.

On the Settings page, you can:

To add a Shortcut to the iOS Today View please refer to this guide (

Step 2 - Run the shortcut

Learn More

To learn more about using and managing shortcuts, please refer to the following guide (