Software Matrix Music Systems Overview

Based on customer feedback we are offering our new CasaTunes hardware matrix music systems as a simpler and more cost-effective multi-room alternative.

If you are a new dealer, we strongly recommend you resell the new CasaTunes hardware matrix music systems. If you are an existing dealer and need help understanding the new CasaTunes hardware matrix music systems, please contact

The main differences between the CasaTunes software matrix music systems, also known as the CasaTunes CT Systems, and the new CasaTunes hardware matrix music systems are:

The new CasaTunes hardware matrix music systems simplifies the product line for dealers, offers many of the same capabilities as our software matrix based systems, and are easier to install and support

Which CT software matrix music server do I need?

1 Stream
1 Room
No External Inputs
No Disc
2 Streams
2 Rooms
No External Inputs
No Disc
3 Streams
3 Rooms
1 External Input
500GB Disc
5 Streams (4A+1D)
5 Rooms
1 External Inputs
500GB Disc
9 Streams (8A+1D)
9 Rooms
2 External Inputs
500GB Disc
12 Streams
12 Rooms
3 External Inputs
1TB Disc
16 Streams
16 Rooms
4 External Inputs
1TB Disc
20 Streams
20 Rooms
5 External Inputs
1TB Disc
24 Streams
24 Rooms
6 External Inputs
1TB Disc

Scalable solution

You can connect up to 4 x CasaTunes 12-channel amplifiers to a CasaTunes music server, for a total of up to 24 rooms

Flexible power

The CasaTunes 12-channel amplifier can supply 6 rooms with up to 80W of power when connected to 8 ohm speakers. You can boost the power in a room to 160W by bridging amplifier outputs

Trigger outputs

The CasaTunes music server includes a trigger card with four trigger outputs. These triggers are used to switch multi-channel amplifiers in and out of standby.

Trigger input

The CasaTunes music server includes a trigger card with one trigger input. This input trigger can be used to trigger muting, paging or playing a custom doorbell chime.

External inputs

The CasaTunes CT-3 and above music servers have one or more external stereo analog inputs which connect to other music sources, such as a TV, set top box, Google Cast device, etc.

Wireless speakers

Expand your existing system with up to 5 additional networked or wireless Apple AirPlay speakers. CasaTunes’ continuous synchronization, ensures your wired and wireless speakers remain perfectly synchronized. (CT-2 supports up to 3 additional speakers)
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Music Services

CasaTunes supports SHOUTcast® and TuneIn® radio, with over 100,000 free radio stations to choose from, as well as various popular premium music services including Calm Radio, Deezer®, Spotify®, TIDAL®, and more

Apple AirPlay

Every room is automatically configured as an AirPlay speaker. Stream any music App, on one or more iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices, to any room

Networked music

CasaTunes can play your music stored on uPnP/DLNA media servers, such as a Network Attached Storage devices, Plex, or Twonky

Your own music collections

CasaTunes QuickSync can automatically discover, catalog, and optionally copy your music to your music server hard disc
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Music server hard disc

You can use the 500GB disc on your CasaTunes CT-3/4/8 music server to store your entire music collection. Enough storage for 60,000 or more mp3 songs. The CasaTunes CT-12 and larger systems include a larger 1TB disc.

High Definition audio

Supports 24 bit/192Khz High Definition Audio playback. CT2 supports 16 bit/96Khz High Definition Audio

Music compatibility

CasaTunes is compatible with a variety of uncompressed (WAV, AIFF, DSD), lossless compressed (FLAC, ALAC, APE, WMA), and lossy compressed (M4A, MP3, WMA, OGG, AAC) audio formats


Room groups

Room groups simplify managing your music in multiple rooms. When you turn on a room group, it powers on all the rooms that are part of the room group, sets the source for each room, and adjusts the volume for each room appropriately. Use room groups to implement Party Mode and Scenes

Wake up and sleep to music

With CasaTunes you can create any number of wake up alarms. Wake up to your favorite playlist in a specific room at a specific time on certain days of the week, ramping up the volume gradually when you wake, and automatically shutting off the music at a later time. Similarly, you can schedule CasaTunes to turn off the music in a room allowing you to gently fall asleep listening to your bed time music.

Control where the music plays

With CasaTunes it is easy to MOVE music from one room to another, SHARE music playing in one room with other rooms, or JOIN a room and listen to the music playing in another room


Creating CasaTunes playlists is as simple as saving the current songs in the queue. Your playlist can contain music from one or more music services

AV Receiver Integration

With CasaTunes, it is now easier than ever, to seamlessly integrate AV Receivers, including popular receivers from Denon, Harman Kardon, Integra, Marantz, NAD, Onkyo, Pioneer, Sony and Yamaha, into your whole house music system
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Call to prayers

CasaTunes includes integrated support for reciting the adhan (call to prayers) at the appropriate time
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All CasaTunes music systems can be controlled using various different control options, including using the CasaTunes smartphone and tablet Apps, using your voice with Amazon Alexa enabled devices,  and using various keypads, including our CasaTunes keypads and various other 3rd party control devices

Android and iOS Apps

The native CasaTunes Apps have been specifically designed for both Android and iOS smart phones and tablets
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Voice Control

Control CasaTunes using your voice. Voice control requires an Alexa enabled product, such as the Amazon Echo and Echo Dot . You can use a single device to control your whole house, or you can use a device to control each room
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CasaTunes Keypads

The CasaTunes keypads, which must be purchased separately, appear deceptively simple, yet provide an amazing amount of control. You can use the CasaTunes keypads to control the room, display metadata for the current playing song, as well as allow you to browse and select music
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Out-of-the-box integration

CasaTunes provides out-of-the-box integration for various popular control systems, including Control4, Compass Control, HDL, Lutron, RTI, URC and others

Music server control options

CasaTunes provides various options for controlling CasaTunes, including; the CasaTunes Serial API, Serial-over-IP API, and a robust RESTful API. The REST based API is used to develop the CasaTunes Android and iOS Apps

App integration

The CasaTunes Apps provide simple 3rd party control and automation via a robust URL scheme
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3rd party matrix amplifiers

3rd Party Matrix Amplifiers

You can use the CasaTunes music servers to control a third party matrix amplifier, including those from Audio Authority, ChannelVision, Leviton/HAI, Nuvo (now Legrand), RTI, Russound, SpeakerCraft, Vanco (PulseAudio), and more. Check out the 3rd party matrix amplifier compatibility list for more information.
3rd party matrix amplifier compatibility list

Add smarts to 3rd party matrix amplifiers

Now it easier than ever to upgrade your customers with our intelligent CasaTunes music servers, adding music and whole house control to their existing audio distribution systems.

built-in support tools


CasaTunes offers free updates. You can select to manually or automatically install updates

Remote access

You can add remote access tools to remotely manage your customer's CasaTunes music server, often avoiding the expense and time it takes to travel to, and from, your customers home

Built-in diagnostics and notifications

CasaTunes will automatically attempt to recover from any failures, and notify you when it detects an issue. This allows dealers to pro-actively manage their customer sites

Administrator tasks

CasaTunes separates Administrator tasks from End User tasks, minimizing the possibility of customers Inadvertently changing their configuration. CasaTunes provides a separate browser based CasaSetup administration tool for configuring a customer's music server, and allows you to password protect access to settings in the CasaTunes Apps