SqueezeBox Plugin Setup Instructions


CasaTunes provides a SqueezeBox plugin that provides CasaTunes access to various music services supported by SqueezeBox, including BBC, CBC, Pandora, Slacker and SomaFM.

Note: SqueezeBox is a third party application hosted by Logitech. CasaTunes does not guarantee long term availability, or support, for music services accessed using this plugin.
Note: Pandora requires a PandoraOne account

Setup Instructions

To setup the SqueezeBox plugin, you must create a MySqueezeBox account and configure the music apps to include:

  • Visit MySqueezeBox.com
  • Create an account and follow the instructions to setup your account
  • Select App Gallery from the menu and select your music apps
  • Click on Install to install the App, or Uninstall to Uninstall the SqueezeBox App
  • Some Apps require you provide the Account information for the music service
  • Do not change the Player Settings. These are automatically configured for you by CasaTunes
  • When you re-configure your music apps, you should always Restart SqueezeBox. After a few minutes, CasaTunes will refresh your music services list from the MySqueezeBox site

While there are many music apps available in the MySqueezeBox App Gallery, not all of these are compatible with CasaTunes (for example, Rhapsody), some have territorial restrictions, others require a premium account (for example, Pandora requires a PandoraOne account), and those music services that are already supported by CasaTunes (Deezer, SHOUTcast, Spotify and TuneIn) are ignored. To view which music services are supported by CasaTunes check the Music Services Compatibility List