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The CasaTunes keypads are specifically designed to work with the CasaTunes Hardware Matrix Music System and CasaTunes Software Matrix Music System products. The CasaTunes keypads complement using the CasaTunes Apps, providing an alternate way to control your CasaTunes music system.

You can setup one or more keypads per room, or even a room group. Each keypad can be used to control:

  • The power, source, volume, and mute for a room or room group
  • Turning all rooms off
  • Transport commands, including: play, pause, stop, next and previous tracks
  • Browsing and selecting music
  • Configuring balance, bass, treble and loudness (if available)

The keypad displays the time of day when the room is turned off. When the room is on, the keypad displays the name of the source selected for the room, and when the room is playing music, displays the available meta data and track progress for the current playing song, including the station name, song title, artist name, and album name.


The CasaTunes Keypads are available in almond, black, ivory and white. To complete the installation you can use any standard or screwless Decora™ style wall plate cover, such as the Leviton™ or Lutron™ screwless faceplates. Select the keypad color option at time of purchase.


The keypads fit in a standard US single gang electrical box or low voltage frame. A Cat5 cable (supplied and installed by your installer) with standard RJ45 connectors, connects to the back of the keypad on one end, and to one of the six ports located on the back of the CasaTunes USB6 Keypad Hub on the other end. The CasaTunes USB6 Keypad Hub connects to the CasaTunes music server via a standard USB cable (that is supplied with the hub). Up to six keypads can be attached to each CasaTunes USB6 Keypad Hub. If you need more that six keypads, simply add as many CasaTunes USB6 Keypad Hubs as needed.

On the keypad, you assign which room or room group this keypad will control, making setup a breeze. In the case of a large room or listening area you can even assign multiple keypads to one room, providing installers maximum coverage and flexibility.

Please refer to the CasaTunes Keypad Tech Note for more information about installing and using the CasaTunes Keypads


  • Fits standard single gang or larger box or low-voltage mounting ring
  • Wall plate opening: Decora™ style.
  • Control: Smart, embedded micro-controller in each keypad. Updatable by the CasaTunes System for future improvements.
  • Each Keypad uses a separate RS-485 bus in the Hub, eliminating concerns about proper termination. This scheme is highly noise resistant.
  • Keypad power: 48mA max, 10mA typ; at 5VDC (power supplied from USB port on Keypad Hub)


  • Connection: Standard RJ45 connector on back of keypad.
  • Cable: Any CAT5, CAT5e, CAT6 or better cable with four twisted pairs. We recommend cable with 24 gauge or larger wire. All 4 pairs are used.


  • 1 Year limited warranty


Included in the box

  • CasaTunes Keypad (CT-KP)
  • Quick Install Guide