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Music Systems

Music Systems

CasaTunes whole house music systems supply music throughout your home, large or small, wired or wireless.

These systems are complete. All you need is amplifiers, like our 6 room CasaTunes CT-AMP-1240 Amplifier or single room CasaTunes DTA-1 Amplifier and speakers. if you already own an older matrix switch from other companies, see our Streamers that can add modern internet and disk-based music to and control of your older system.

Wireless rooms:
All CasaTunes systems have the capability to send lossless CD quality music to wireless (and wired) AirPlay® speakers, Airport Express®es, Apple TV®s and other devices that have Apple® AirPlay built in. You can play music to wireless and wired rooms at the same time and the music plays in sync so that you don’t hear echoes between the rooms.

The CT-3 can send music to up to 5 AirPlay devices and the other systems can send music to up to 10 AirPlay devices, depending on the quality of your local network.

Easy to use:
Every CasaTunes system includes CasaTunes' industry leading Android and iOS (iPhone and iPad) apps for selecting music and controlling the sound in each room. You can also use browser control from any PC or Mac on your LAN.

For new construction, consider the CasaTunes Keypads for simple, convenient, single gang control.

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