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CasaTunes QuickSync - Quickly discover all your music


CasaTunes QuickSync will discover, index, and if configured, copy all your music files located on one or more of your PCs, Macs and/or networked storage devices, to your CasaTunes music server. Once the music files have been discovered and indexed, CasaTunes can play your music either from their original networked location, or from a local copy stored on the music server.

Before CasaTunes QuickSync can discover and index your music, you must share, that is allow CasaTunes to access, the music on your PC, Mac or networked storage device. The instructions to share access to your music varies depending on whether your music is on a PC or Mac.  To share access to a folder on your networked storage device follow the instructions for the networked storage device.

Sharing your music on a Mac

In order to share your music on a Mac:

  • Open the System Preferences on your Mac by choosing the Apple menu > System Preferences
  • Click on the Sharing icon to open the Sharing preference pane
  • Check the File Sharing checkbox in the left hand side pane

    CasaTunes Keypad
  • To share the folder containing your music, click + at the bottom of the Shared Folders list, locate the folder, select it, and then click Add.

    CasaTunes Keypad

    CasaTunes Keypad
  • Click on Options and click the checkbox next to the username. You'll be prompted to enter the password for the computer.
    NOTE: This will be grayed out if your Mac is linked to your iCloud account.

    CasaTunes Keypad
  • Congratulations. You have completed sharing your music so it is accessible by CasaTunes
  • The next step is to use CasaSetup to add a music collection to index the music on this shared folder so that you can play this music with CasaTunes. When setting up your new music collection in CasaSetup you should enter the IP Address of your Mac and the name of your music folder you shared on your Mac in the Location field. In the example above, you would enter: \\\iTunes
  • In CasaSetup you must also specify the users Mac name and password

Sharing your music on a PC

In order to share your music on a PC:

  • Open Windows Explorer by selecting the Start button and then clicking your user name
  • Locate the folder that contains the music you want to share, select File > Share with > Specific people...

    Windows Sharing Step1
  • Click the arrow to find someone, and select the user name from the drop down list
  • Select Add
  • Select Share

    Windows Sharing Step2
  • Write down the location displayed. You will need to enter this location in CasaSetup
  • Select Done

    Windows Sharing Step3
  • Congratulations, you have completed sharing your music so it is accessible by CasaTunes. The next step is to use CasaSetup to configure a music collection that indexes the music on this shared folder so that you can play this music with CasaTunes.

Adding a music collection using CasaSetup

Now that you have shared your music, you must use CasaSetup to add your music collection to be indexed.

Create a new music collection

Add CasaTunes QuickSync Music Collection

  • Step 1 - Select My Music
  • Step 2 - Select Add Music Collection

Setup the new music collection

Setup CasaTunes QuickSync Music Collection

  • Step 1- Enter a Name for your newly created music collection
  • Step 2 - Using the information you saved when you created your music share, enter either the \\server name\share name or \\IP address\share name, and the username and password for the share, if any
  • Step 3 - Select whether to copy the music onto your music server
  • Step 4 - Select Save Settings. CasaTunes will verify it is able to find and access the share using the credentials you provided (if any)
  • Once CasaSetup has successfully verified your new music collection, CasaTunes QuickSync will begin indexing the music on your share, and if configured, copy your music

Viewing progress and information about your music collection and disc cache

CasaTunes QuickSync progress

  • You can view progress and information about your music collection in the Music Collection Information section
  • The Disc Cache Information section displays the total amount of disc space available (Size) for caching, how much has been used (Used), and how much space remains available (Available). This information includes all music collections

Using QuickSync

The following screenshots shows how QuickSync music collections are displayed in the iPhone App. Other Apps will be similar.

CasaTunes QuickSync In Use

Select Music to view all your music services

CasaTunes QuickSync In Use

Select My Music to view your QuickSync music collections

CasaTunes QuickSync In Use

All your QuickSync music collections are displayed. If you have more than one QuickSync music collection, we also display the special All My Music music collection. This collection is an aggregated or merged view of all your music collections.

CasaTunes QuickSync In Use

  • Note 1: There is a special Folders collection which allows you to browse your music by hard disc folder.
  • Note 2: There is a special Recently Added collection which includes all music added to your music collection in the last 30 days. It does not include music added in the initial scan.
  • Note 3: If you added music to your collection, and it has not been automatically indexed, you can press the Refresh button to force QuickSync to re-scan or refresh your music collection. Although QuickSync automatically detects when music is added to iTunes, if your music is not in iTunes you will need to manually refresh your music collection.