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Who is RTI®

RTI Controlled Homes

RTI, Remote Technologies Incorporated, manufactures remote control systems and interface devices for complete home control.

Interface products include handheld remote controls, wall mounted panels and “RTIPanel” apps for Android and iOS devices, all of which control home electronics products directly, using IR, or via controller processors, using IR, Zigbee or the LAN.

RTI Products
Some of the sample User Interfaces included with the CasaTunes RTI Driver

How does CasaTunes fit in? Part I

CasaTunes' RTI Driver Gives RTI Dealers the Best Audio System!

Complete 2-way driver gives RTI dealers the best tools for designing and integrating the control of your Whole Home Audio System. The CasaTunes driver allows dealers to use multiple ways to set up controls for changing currently controlled room, music players and selecting and displaying music.

No shortcuts. CasaTunes includes complete music browsing ability. No need to use a separate controller to create a playlist or find interesting music, because the driver includes keyboard support to allow searching for music, creating Pandora stations and creating and naming new CasaTunes Playlists using the current queue.

All the great CasaTunes Features. The CasaTunes driver lets you use all of your CasaTunes internal streaming music players and any external music sources. Dealers can create "Room Groups" which lets you group any combination of rooms and control them just like a single room. Play any source in any room.

Includes CasaTunes Air. With CasaTunes Air, you will be able to pick up any iPhone, iPad, Mac or any PC playing iTunes and send the music to any room or combination of rooms through CasaTunes. Also, CasaTunes Air lets you add AirPlay rooms to easily expand your system.

Includes many sample UIs, both in traditional RTI style and special examples that make the iOS and Android RTIPanel UIs look like the CasaTunes apps, so that your customers can switch back and forth without confusion.

How does CasaTunes fit in. Part II

CasaTunes Servers running in System Controller Mode can control one or more RTI Audio Distribution Systems

Whether you want to use CasaTunes in a complete RTI controlled environment or standalone, with no RTI controllers, you can still use the nice RTI Audio Distribution Systems (AD-4, AD-4x, AD-8, or AD-8x) with any CasaTunes Server. Control up to 8 RTI Audio Distribution Systems.

CasaTunes multi room audio can play iTunes music throughout your home

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